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This was supposed to be the perfect title of my account of a one-day trip to Wrocław. 102 zlotys - this is the amount that would be the cost of return tickets for 2 people if we had only booked them a week earlier. But we hesitated too long and we had to pay PLN 114. A slight difference, but if you insist, the title doesn't fit anymore. But why insist?

Wrocław from the kitchen

Wrocław - a city of gnomes, islets and rattling trams. I was a bit surprised that there were trams with seats - as I say - with a spine. It has its own atmosphere, it is a pity that in some of the doors closed with a painful crack for the drums. Wrocław is also a city of beautiful tenement houses. Colorful, neat and pleasing to the eye, they stood not only at the market square, so during the walk it was not known whether to look up, at the renovated facades, or at the feet, so as not to miss any dwarf.


We managed to spot a dozen of which we were proud of, until we found out that there were over 200 of them ...


We spent the whole Sunday, July 5 in Wrocław and it was a very hot day. When we got off the bus and walked straight into the wall of hot air, we figured it was time to get stronger with breakfast. When planning the trip, I studied the network and the map to see where you can eat something veggie , which is right for me. In this respect, Wrocław has a lot to offer, and which made me very happy - most of the places I am interested in are located at or near the market square. But where will they feed me before noon? Żyzna, Baszta, Ahimsa and Machina Organika restaurants are open from 13, Green Way and Kalachakra from 12, and our stomachs were rumbling before 11. Quick decision and we went to Vega for breakfast, offering air-conditioned, elegant interiors for hungry people from 8. through the window to the air vibrating above the pavement, I was drinking a pineapple smoothie somehow slower. Everyone was hot, even the antiquarian cat.


In case anyone had any doubts, I would tap him on the window. He is alive;)

How Wroclawians cope with heat

I must admit that visiting a city - even as beautiful as Wrocław - when sweat runs down your back, may be limited to circling around places where you can eat something cold, lie in the shade or carelessly smelt.


... which was happily done by tourists and locals alike.


They orbit the fountains in the squares, they also moved in a swarm to the Centennial Hall , where they lay on the grass and soaked their feet in the pool of the Multimedia Fountain . If I lived in Wrocław, I would probably camp there myself every summer weekend. The area next to the Hall (as well as the building itself) is huge, you can wander around the pool with a pergola with pillars covered with greenery or sit and relax to the sounds of dancing streams - classical, contemporary, ambient and pop music is played at specific times.


Great place, I didn't feel like moving from there. But it was necessary, because the Japanese Garden was waiting for us, located right next to the Hall.

The green of the Japanese Garden

I have dreamed of Wrocław for a long time because of this place. It was tempting with photos of a wooden bridge over the water and carefully tended vegetation, giving the impression that it grows by itself, without human interference. After paying the admission fee (PLN 4), we went along the route around the reservoirs, sitting here and there on the benches to rest and recharge the batteries with the peace of this place. Orange carps (capricious like movie stars, evidently avoiding cameras) roamed lazily beneath the surface of the water, and ducks sluggishly dragged along the surface. Around it is green and quiet, fabulous.


The Japanese Garden is beautiful, but smaller than I thought, so we got to know all its nooks and crannies relatively quickly. We gave him one last longing glance and headed back to meet the heat of Wrocław. By the way, I would like to mention that the Centennial Hall is located on one side of ul. Zygmunt Wróblewski, and the other is the ZOO and the Africarium. There is one ticket for both facilities, and its price is PLN 40 (normal). Neither one nor the other was on our list, but if someone wants to go, just cross the footbridge over the street and you are there.

A walk around the Wrocław market square

We went to the market to eat dinner. Actually, I want to hide in the toilet and change my clothes, and then eat dinner. As a result, we were interested in seats with a toilet, and for this reason the Żyzna Restaurant dropped out. It smelled divine, and the menu board standing in front of the door I would like to lick (along with the plates of lucky consumers behind the glass), but what to do - we had to look further.

We wandered to Ofiar Oświęcimskich Street, entered the patio and found an absolutely fantastic place. Bad Meat was on, we were greeted with the cold air conditioning, original decor (ceiling decorations, made of bottle crates, plastics and walls stuck with posters, a total of relaxed music) and positive music. We ate there a delicious thick Lithuanian cold soup with egg-tofu, which I miss now. This place bought me for its atmosphere and food, I know that whenever I visit Wrocław, I will definitely go there.


After the meal, we walked around the market square, hunting for dwarfs, looking at tenement houses and churches. I had the impression that from every point of the city you could see the pointed roof of some temple. As we bent down at the stairs to St. Magdalene over the gnome of the Motorcyclist, we felt a wonderful coolness from inside. Inside, we read two stories - about the tragedy of the Sinners' Bell and the Penitential Bridge. If a young man was not sure that his beloved was not a witch, he should take her for a walk along that bridge. If she passes through it, she must be a witch, and if she does, she is not. Or rather, it wasn't.

We also crossed the Żabia Footbridge to the islands (Bielarska, Słodowa and Młyńska), we walked slowly to Bema Square, and then we made another lazy round along the streets of the market square. Every now and then we came across something interesting that we had missed the previous time, including some gnome crouched in the corner of the building. Indeed, Wrocław is dwarfs . And parks - it must be admitted that it is a very green city. At the end of the tour, we visited the Nicolaus Copernicus Park (next to the Puppet Theater), we saw pigeons living in it and a lot of beautiful trees, including nature monuments. We walked in the shadow of the Old Town Promenade, watching the fish dart beneath the cloudy yellow water in the moat. And we had to go to the station.

To sum up, one day in Wrocław is definitely not enough . Next time we will go there for a longer time - and certainly not in such heat.

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