Camping by the lake

Camping by the lake? That sounds like the perfect vacation! Just think: waking up to the accompaniment of birds singing, breakfast with a view of a fabulously calm surface reflecting the blue sky, a few steps to water fun and your private piece of beach. Find your dream campsite by the lake and plan the most beautiful vacation!

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Camping by the lake – the definition of the perfect holiday

Camping by the lake is a unique way to spend a holiday, popular both with families with children and active travelers who would like to spend their breaks from exploring and sightseeing in a place that offers respite from the hustle and bustle. It offers peace, quiet and stunning proximity to nature, but at the same time many opportunities to spend time, also actively.

Why is it worth going camping by the lake? First of all, because of nature. Camping or tent sites by water are located in wonderful places, surrounded by forests, meadows and mountains. Imagine: on the one hand a park or a forest giving respite from the heat, and on the other a gently undulating lake. When you open the door of a tent or caravan, you immediately find yourself in a land of silence, peace and greenery. During breakfast you can enjoy the beautiful views (nothing clears your head so effectively!) and the melodious singing of birds, and during dinner you can admire millions of stars in the navy blue sky (and look for the falling one that makes your dreams come true). And during the day: lounging in a hammock, board games on the grass, picnics, sunbathing and a whole lot of attractions.

A huge advantage of the campsite by the lake is also direct access to the water. For a swim or just to cool off, you don't have to move anywhere – a few steps and a splash in the water! This is an advantage that parents will especially appreciate: children can splash around and adults watch them straight from the campsite. It's also easier to ""get"" the little ones for a meal, because after a few moments they can run back to play.

Camping by the lake is of course also a wide range of water sports. Bicycles, motorboats, sails, kitesurfing and windsurfing, SUPs... And again: to use these options, you don't have to commute anywhere, so you save a lot of time for commuting. Many campsites offer access to water equipment rentals on site, which is a great convenience.

Camping by the lake also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the charms of camping. We mean, above all, evening bonfires and barbecues, which is one of the characteristics of this form of spending holidays. During holidays, nothing tastes better than grilled food, especially fish! The bonfire is an additional attraction for children: home-made sausages, sparks of fire shooting cheerfully upwards, as well as camping songs – these are moments that will remain in the memory of children for a long time.

How to choose the right campsite by the lake?

The most important thing when choosing a campsite on a lake is, of course, its location. When looking for the right place, it is worth more or less to plan the entire vacation. You always want to use the time on vacation to the maximum, literally squeezing like a lemon. So if you intend to explore the area, choose a camping that will be a good starting point in different directions – thanks to this you will shorten the time needed for commuting. If, on the other hand, you plan to spend your entire holiday on site, look for a campsite that offers easy access to various services, attractions and amenities, such as restaurants, shops, and sports and water equipment rentals.

An important criterion for choosing a campsite by the lake is also the entire infrastructure: access to showers, toilets, sanitary facilities or a kitchen – and, of course, their standard. It is also worth paying attention to the proximity of playgrounds for children or fields for playing football, volleyball or basketball. In addition, a shop or restaurant on site will be a big plus – in case you don't feel like preparing lunch or dinner on your own.

Before you start looking for a campsite, think about the form of accommodation. Are you going to sleep in a tent, come with a motorhome or trailer, or maybe you are thinking about renting a house or bungalow? At CampRest you will find a campsite by the lake that offers various forms of accommodation.

Direct access to water is also an important consideration when camping on a lake. Ideally, each lot should have its own piece of beach – an extremely important amenity, especially for families with children. When looking for a place to spend your holidays, you can choose between intimate, quiet and small campsites and large centers with extensive service and recreation infrastructure. Everyone will find something for themselves!

Caravan site by the lake – Poland

If camping by a lake in Poland, it's definitely Masuria! The Land of a Thousand Lakes is a place where everyone will find the perfect corner for themselves. The largest and probably the most popular lake is Śniardwy, but fans of relaxation on the water are also eager to visit Niegocin and Kisajno and Giżycko located between them, where the largest passenger and yacht. Mikołajki is an extremely charming place – it is worth going here to Lake Łuknajno. We recommend Węgorzewo and Lake Mamry to active tourists. In addition to many activities on the water, this region is rich in numerous sightseeing attractions, such as the Mamerki bunkers, the remains of the Masurian Canal with the famous locks in Leśniewo or the ethnographic park on the Węgorapa River. Those looking for peace and quiet should turn their attention towards Lake Nidzkie, which is the last, and for many also the most beautiful lake on the Great Lakes Trail. It is part of a nature reserve, so the use of motorboats is prohibited here, thanks to which the reservoir remains quiet and peaceful.

But that's not all – you can also find beautiful lakes in other parts of Poland. Sea? Łebsko Lake located near the dunes of the Łebska Spit. Mountains? Lake Czorsztyńskie in the Pieniny Mountains or Lake Solińskie in the Bieszczady Mountains. Western Poland? Lubuskie Lake District and Lake Gryżyńskie or Lubie. Central Poland? Budzisław or Domnickie.

How about Italy, Switzerland or Slovenia?

Are you planning a foreign holiday? Also in this case camping by the lake is a great idea! Where is worth going? Here are the most popular lakes in Europe:

  • Lake Annecy in France, located in the heart of the French Alps. It is a popular holiday destination for Parisians, as well as a great place to relax in the bosom of nature and engage in various water activities.
  • Lake Bled in Slovenia, with its iconic island housing a 17th-century Baroque church, is probably the most famous sight in Slovenia, and at the same time a dream destination for a perfect holiday.
  • Lake Bohinj in Slovenia – less popular and quieter than Bled, so you can really relax here.
  • Lake Lucerne – is located in the center of Switzerland. It stretches between mountains and branches leading to valleys, which makes its landscape resemble Norwegian fjords.
  • Lake Ohrid in Albania and Macedonia, the oldest and deepest lake in the Balkans. It has a unique atmosphere. On its shores there are numerous monuments, including the ancient city of Ohrid.
  • Lake Garda – the largest and probably the most diverse lake in Italy. It is located between Venice and Milan and surrounded by monumental mountain peaks.
  • Lake Konigssee, or King's Lake, is located in Bavaria. Its landscape is literally breathtaking: it is surrounded by the Bavarian Alps, whose peaks seem to rise straight out of the water.

And how? Where will you go on your holiday trip? Whichever direction you choose, one thing is certain: a campsite by a lake is a dream holiday destination.