Tent campsites

A tent campsites is a great option for a trip for all nature lovers, spending time actively in the open air and this unique carefree atmosphere that can only be guaranteed by camping outdoors. If you and your family or friends dream of a holiday unlike any other – this is an offer for you.

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Tent campsite – an idea for a dream vacation

Today, a tent and caravan site is a vast, usually fenced area, located near places of great tourist value, for example by the sea, lake or river, at the foot of mountains or near forests. Usually, it offers various forms of accommodation – not only a plot for your own tent or caravan, but also tourist cottages, mobile homes, modern pavilions or a specially prepared place for a camper.

The greatest advantage of spending your holiday on a campsite is the possibility of constant contact with nature. Nothing charges the batteries and cleanses the head as effectively as the ubiquitous greenery. Breakfast and dinner with a view of the lake or the sea, walking barefoot on the grass, catching a summer tan, lounging in a hammock with a book, board games in the sand, cycling, swimming, walking – on the campsite you spend practically all your time outdoors . You can even sleep completely outdoors, weather permitting. Then you spend the night in the so-called million-star hotel – with the most beautiful view of the sky.

The space and proximity to nature offered by the campsite will especially appeal to families with children. The little ones can play freely, using the extensive grounds and meeting other little campers. In such favorable circumstances, the first friendships are often born – strong to the point that the families immediately arrange a joint holiday in the next year.

An undoubted advantage of camping holidays is also independence. The camping site gives you freedom – because you arrive by your own means of transport. You can choose the type of accommodation you want, you don't have to follow flight times or frantically search for a transfer from the airport. You are also not subject to restrictions on luggage weight – you can pack as much stuff as your car can carry. So you can take bicycles, SUPs or other sports equipment with you and you don't have to limit yourself in the size of your camping equipment.

Tent campsite – how to find the right one?

Modern campsites are no longer just a piece of grass on which you can put up a tent. They have more and more in common with the hotel – the difference is that you bring your own room and its equipment. The growing popularity of caravanning and camping in Europe means that more and more accommodation facilities of this type are being built in various parts of the continent. So you will easily find a camping site perfectly suited to your needs and expectations.

If you are looking for peace and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, choose a peaceful campsite – a small campsite hidden in the thicket of a forest or located by an intimate beach in a small town. A holiday in such a place is an effective way to recharge your internal batteries. Peace, silence interrupted only by the singing of birds or the sound of waves, stunning nature available at your fingertips... Just thinking about it can make you relax, right?

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a place that will offer you versatile opportunities to spend your time actively, choose a larger, more extensive resort. This is a proposal that will especially appeal to families with children. Such a family tent campsite consists not only of the accommodation section, but also of the entire entertainment and service complex consisting of restaurants, bars, cafes, playgrounds, swimming pools, SPA zones, football, volleyball and basketball fields. It's a place where boredom just doesn't exist.

And the location? Tent campsites in Europe are such a popular form of spending holidays that you will find your dream place for a holiday both by the sea or a charming lake, as well as in the mountains and in the lowlands. Accommodation facilities of this type are most often located in places attractive to tourists: near larger towns, hiking trails, bicycle paths, water parks, ski slopes. Therefore, the campsite can become not only a place for a relaxing holiday, but also a starting point for exploring the area and visiting the greatest attractions.

What facilities do the best tent campsites offer?

Today, even the smallest, intimate, peaceful tent campsites in the middle of the forest offer access to sanitary facilities: showers and toilets, and sometimes even a well-equipped kitchen. Such facilities are actually a standard, especially in the western part of Europe, where caravanning and camping are highly developed.

The most popular, best tent campsites attract tourists with a wide range of entertainment and recreation. Many facilities can boast of a specially designed zone for children – with a playground or a shallow swimming pool where children can safely have fun. A frequent convenience is also access to a football or volleyball field, as well as water equipment rental, such as SUPs, kayaks and bicycles.

In addition, you can find restaurants, bars and cafes in the tent campsites – so you don't have to leave the campsite to drink real coffee or try local specialties. In the high season, resorts often offer additional events: concerts, dance evenings, competitions, sports activities. Family campsites, on the other hand, are famous for their attractions for children. During the day, mini-clubs are open, where children spend time playing and creative workshops under the supervision of specialized guardians. In the evenings, children can take part in organized games and animations.

Recommended tent campsites in Europe

The best tent campsites in Europe? We have them at CampRest! Use our search engine and find for yourself and your family or friends dream place for a holiday. In our database, we have collected unique, recommended tent campsites in Poland and abroad: in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, France and many other countries.

What direction is on your mind? Maybe sea? The best campsites on the Baltic Sea will guarantee you comfortable conditions and a unique seaside atmosphere. Many modern resorts are also waiting for you in Italy and Croatia – on both sides of the Adriatic you will find both fantastic weather and many different ways to spend your time. The largest tent campsites in southern Europe are extensive holiday complexes. In their areas there are not only swimming pools and sports facilities, but even water parks with slides and SPA zones. During your stay at such a campsite, you don't really have to leave it – you will find everything you need to spend a fantastic holiday.

But the best campsites are not only those located by the sea. You will also find an extensive accommodation base on popular lakes and rivers, for example on Polish Lake Czorsztyn, Italian Lago di Garda or Slovenian Bled.

Do you like active rest? Then bet on less popular, but equally interesting destinations: tent campsites in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany or Austria. In each of these countries you will find something unique that will absolutely delight you, as well as plenty of opportunities to spend your time. Visiting castles, palaces and towns, trekking in the mountains, cycling, water sports, relaxing in a hammock... whatever you want!