Campings in Lublin Voivodeship

The Lublin Voivodeship is the easternmost region in Poland. The main tourist areas are Roztocze, Puszcza Solska and Lasy Janowskie as well as Polesie Lubelskie – all of them are valued primarily due to their unique natural values. So if you want to spend your camping holiday surrounded by nature, choose a campsite in Lublin Voivodeship! 

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Lublin or Kazimierz?

The capital of the voivodeship is Lublin – a city full of monuments, charming tenement houses and magical alleys. The symbol of the Old Town is the castle with a Romanesque keep. An unforgettable experience is provided by the Lublin Underground Route, about 300 meters long, leading through the cellars of tenement houses situated in the old town. Kazimierz Dolny is an equally atmospheric city, where it is worth seeing the ruins of a 16th-century castle and a fortified tower two centuries older.

Green Lublin region

Two national parks have been established in the Lublin region: Poleski and Roztoczański, and 17 landscape parks. They are complemented by numerous forests, such as the Solska Primeval Forest and the Sobiborskie, Włodawskie, Parczewskie, Kozłowieckie, Łukowskie and Janów forests. All this adds up to the priceless beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

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