Campings in Masovian Voivodeship

The Masovian Voivodeship, located in the central-eastern part of Poland, is the largest region in the country – both in terms of area and population. The most recognizable attractions of Mazovia are historic buildings, such as Wilanów Palace, Łazienki Park or Warsaw's Old Town, but the natural values ​​are an equally important element determining the value of this region. 

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Mazovia – something nice for everyone

In Mazovia, you can choose from attractions at will. Walking, cycling and canoeing routes, horse studs, the city full of monuments, the best museums, open-air museums, castles, manors and palaces, fortifications, sacred monuments, nature parks, lakes, forests and rivers ... This region is definitely a perfect place for family outings. A campsite close to Warsaw, but also a bit more distant from the capital, camping places, for example in the vicinity of Warka, will satisfy everyone who does not like to be bored during their holidays!

Warsaw is likeable!

When you come to Mazovia, it is difficult to resist the temptation to visit the capital of Poland – Warsaw. And rightly so, because the city definitely deserves attention! History mixes with modernity here, compact buildings give way here and there to parks, while the heart of the city beats by the Vistula River and the constantly bustling Vistula boulevards. Among the numerous historic places and buildings, it is worth highlighting, first of all, The Royal Castle, Barbican, Ujazdów Castle, Łazienki Park, Palace of Culture and Science, Saxon Garden, Grand Theater and Old Town Square. Both the youngest and their parents will have a great time at the Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw zoo or Candy Manufactory. One should not forget about the extensive gastronomic offer of the capital, which will satisfy the most demanding taste buds. 

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