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Are you planning a long-awaited vacation and this time you decided to go camping? Masuria will simply enchant you! It is an ideal place to relax: beautiful in nature, historically attractive and full of possibilities. Together with CampRest, discover the best campsites and set a course for Masuria this summer.

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Camping Masuria – why is it worth coming here?

Camping in Masuria is a great way to spend a relaxing, yet active and full of attractions vacation. This charming region of Poland has been attracting tourists from all over the country (and not only!) for decades – primarily with its wild, still undiscovered nature and unique atmosphere. It is also a favorite place for all lovers of water sports. You certainly know that Masuria is sometimes called the Land of a Thousand Lakes. In fact, there are twice as many lakes here! Masurian reservoirs cover an area of almost 500 square kilometers – there is definitely a place to swim here. The most popular lakes are Śniardwy, Mamry, Niegocin, Bełdany, Tałty and Łuknajno.

But Masuria is not only lakes. It is also vast, centuries-old forest complexes, which are the remnants of the former primeval forest. In order to protect the most valuable natural places, eight landscape parks and over a hundred nature reserves have been created in the region. You can spend your time here walking, cycling or horseback riding. Planning a trip is facilitated by a whole network of marked walking, cycling and educational paths. With a bit of luck and patience, during these trips you will be able to observe grouse, cranes or white-tailed eagles living here.

Camping in Masuria can also be diversified by visiting charming cities and towns that delight with the architecture and unique atmosphere of this part of Poland. It is a historically and culturally rich region – historic churches, castles and palaces are testimony to its long and diverse history. The ""must see"" list certainly includes places such as the Pyramid in Rapa, the palaces in Drogosze and Sztynort, the bridges in Stańczyki resembling Roman aqueducts, the former German bunkers of Mamerki, the castle in Kętrzyn, the Boyen fortress or the monumental Wolf's Lair complex.

Camping in Masuria – a starting point for a perfect holiday

Waking up in the rays of the sun, breakfast with a view of a perfectly calm lake, chilling in a hammock with a book, water madness, evening concert of crickets, millions of stars above your head... In a word: camping! Masuria is an extremely attractive region in terms of camping infrastructure – you will certainly find the perfect place for your holiday here.

When looking for a campsite in Masuria, you can choose from many options. The most popular are, of course, those located on the shores of the lake. Masurian reservoirs are clean, in sunny summer weather they have a pleasant temperature, so they are conducive to bathing. Campsites by the lake in Masuria are particularly popular among water sports enthusiasts – amateurs of SUP swimming or other equipment can jump into the water almost straight from a caravan, tent or motorhome. Families with children are also frequent guests at this type of campsite. Toddlers can spend literally whole days in the water!

But campsites in Masuria are also a good place for a holiday for anyone who is looking for peace, quiet and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Many of them are located in the forest, away from the crowds and the most popular tourist attractions. In such places you can really breathe – literally and figuratively.

Campsites in Masuria are also distinguished by a great variety. You will easily find small and intimate places among them, ideal for recharging your batteries in peace and quiet, but also larger holiday complexes with developed infrastructure. From such a resort, you don't really have to move anywhere – in its vicinity you will find shops, restaurants, water and sports equipment rentals, as well as places for recreation: tennis courts, outdoor gyms, football, volleyball and basketball courts. And, of course, playgrounds for children!

Camping Masuria – lots of possibilities

The Warmian-Masurian region is not only stunning nature, but also plenty of leisure opportunities and plenty of tourist attractions. If you can't imagine spending your holidays in a deckchair and want to squeeze the maximum out of each day, the campsite in Masuria is the place for you.

The Masurian lakes and rivers, together with all the surrounding nature, create excellent conditions for water sports. The first one that comes to mind when talking about Masuria is of course sailing. There are many sailing routes leading through picturesque places, and the most important of them is the Pisz-Mikołajki-Giżycko-Węgorzewo route. Numerous marinas and yacht charter companies make it easy to plan your dream vacation.

One of the most famous and popular Masurian attractions is also canoeing. You can plan here both short, several-hour trips and trips lasting several days – for example, rafting on the Krutynia River, considered the most beautiful in Poland, which is almost 100 kilometers long and leads through numerous lakes, including Lampasz, Białe Lake and Spychowskie Lake.

How about bicycles? Masuria offers many kilometers of beautiful bicycle routes, connecting into an extensive network running away from busy roads. For example, the longest and most beautiful bicycle route in Poland runs through these regions: the Green Velo Eastern Bicycle Trail. You can also go around Mamry or Śniardwy lakes on two wheels.

Other attractions? Camping in Masuria is also a good place to practice other sports: windsurfing, SUP swimming, fishing or Nordic walking. And all this in stunning natural surroundings. Choosing a campsite in Masuria by the lake, you open up a lot of possibilities!

Camping in Masuria – what is worth seeing?

A tent site or a campsite in Masuria will also be an excellent starting point for sightseeing and smaller or larger ""sightseeing"" trips. Both large and small tourists will surely like the Museum of Folk Architecture in Olsztynek. It is a beautiful testimony to the rich culture of the region – on the area of 100 hectares there are almost 70 architectural objects from the 19th and early 20th centuries (original and reconstructed), including country cottages, homesteads, barns, windmills and stables.

How about a bit of the exotic? While spending your holidays at a campsite in Masuria, you can also see... the pyramid! The Pyramid in Rapa is a mausoleum of the Prussian Farenheid family, built at the beginning of the 19th century - because the doyen of the family was passionate about Egyptology. In Masuria you will also find Roman aqueducts. More precisely: railway bridges in Stańczyki that resemble them. They make a really spectacular impression, proudly rising above the wide valley and the Błędzianka river flowing through it.

The Palace in Sztynort is also worth seeing. When you are here, be sure to take a walk along the oldest oak alley in Masuria – the trees that make it up are almost 400 years old! On the list to visit, also include the Boyen Fortress and, of course, the Wolf's Lair, the famous complex of bunkers. Or maybe something for small and big nature lovers? Check out the deer farm in Kosewo Górne. It is a research station of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where herds of red deer, sika deer and European fallow deer live in conditions close to natural.

Ready for the holiday of your life? Choose the best campsites in Masuria and see how insanely beautiful this corner of Poland is!

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