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Do you need a portable refrigerator that will work well in a caravan, motorhome or summer cottage? You might think that it couldn't be easier! There are many models of portable refrigerators on sale. But here's where the problem arises: which one to choose?

Portable refrigerators come in more varieties than fixed-mount refrigerators. We can choose from compressor, absorption, thermoelectric and passive models, and in each of these categories there are still many models available. The offer of Waeco, the most popular brand on our market, includes over 30 models of portable cooling devices!

Compressor coolers

Compressor coolers are undoubtedly the most efficient. This is the only type of refrigerator that is practically independent of external conditions . When the ambient temperature is 25 degrees I and Celsius and above, you can easily keep the temperature of 5 degrees inside the refrigerator, and even -22 degrees in the case of the freezer! The compressor refrigerator can be powered by 12 / 24V and 100-240V. It can be connected not only to an ordinary socket, but also to solar panels . Portable compressor coolers should be tilt-proof and energy-efficient. The best Waeco models meet the A ++ energy class standards.

Waeco offers 13 models of this type of refrigerators for sale, and the largest ones have a capacity of 105 liters . The latest generation, Coolfreeze CFX , deserves special attention. Due to the thick insulation, they consume up to 35% less energy compared to older models. These refrigerators have reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges, a durable lid, and are relatively light, which is important when moving them. Models in this series are equipped with an electronic thermostat with a digital temperature display. They even have a USB output ! Thanks to this, the refrigerator can also become, for example, a phone charger.

However, the most important parameters are related to cooling. A separate container for fresh products (standard on all Waeco compressor refrigerators), the possibility of deep freezing and something else - the turbo function . Normally the refrigerator operates in economy mode, but when it is very warm outside or when the temperature is set below -12 degrees, the intensive cooling program will be activated.

We had the opportunity to test this CFX 40 model at temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius! It performed better than it would appear from the manufacturer's declaration, because despite such extreme conditions, it maintained a temperature of 3 degrees. The emergency switch also worked perfectly - if the battery charge dropped below a certain value, the device turned off. This is a very useful function if the car does not have an additional parking battery.

Thermoelectric coolers

We also liked the CoolFun Hybrid . After connecting to the 230V mains, it works in the compressor mode, but after switching to 12V (e.g. while driving a car), it starts working in the thermoelectric mode. As a result, the refrigerator can be used in various conditions.

Thermoelectric coolers are not as efficient as compressor coolers. The cooling capacity can be up to 30 degrees below the ambient temperature, but in hot weather the difference will be smaller. Refrigerators of this type are usually small appliances with a capacity of up to 33 liters . Their advantages include low weight, easy to carry, resistance to tilting, and - not available in other types of refrigerators - the possibility of both cooling and keeping warm. Their popularity is undoubtedly influenced by the price - much lower than in the case of compressor refrigerators.

A very interesting proposition from Waeco is the CoolFun S 28DC thermoelectric cooling bag . The bag is made of a textile material that keeps the temperature low for a long time. You can easily pack your shopping (e.g. frozen food or ice cream) into the bag and take it to the campsite. There, however, we can… connect the bag to electricity. It can keep the temperature even 15 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.

Refrigerators without electricity

If we want to become independent from electricity, we can opt for an absorption refrigerator . Such refrigerators can operate both under voltage of 12V / 230V, and can also be powered by gas . Their advantage is also completely silent operation. Unfortunately, the cooling power of such a refrigerator will also depend on the ambient temperature.

Passive refrigerators function completely without power. These are containers with effective insulation and cooling inserts or ice cubes - to buy on your own. Thanks to this, they can keep any food fresh for a maximum of several days. This can be an interesting proposition, for example, for anglers, although during a weekend trip to a campsite, such a refrigerator can also be perfect.

Choosing the right model depends primarily on our individual needs, i.e. how we travel, how much food we take with us and for how many people we want to store food. Compressor coolers will be the most efficient, but also the heaviest and most expensive. Other types of refrigerators will be cheaper, but also more sensitive to the ambient temperature. However, Waeco's offer is so rich that everyone will surely find a model that suits them. The entire offer of this manufacturer can be found at www.my-caravanning.com/pl/produkty/mobilne-lodowki/ .

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