Dorema vestibules - additional living space in all conditions

Dorema vestibules - additional living space in all conditions – main image

It's hard to imagine a longer stay at a campsite without additional outdoor living space. A set-up, a vestibule, a tent - regardless of the regional name, we all know what it is about. In case of bad weather, we will find shelter here, where we can place furniture and accessories, bicycles or simply sit with family or neighbors in intimate circumstances.

Among many manufacturers specializing in the development and production of this type of solutions, the Dutch brand Dorema is the leader - after all, its logo has proudly decorated the walls of the vestibules of many generations of caravanning enthusiasts for decades. Legendary quality and durability are a commitment - despite the passage of time, they are the driving force for development.

In the technological arms race, the manufacturer does not accept compromises and uses the most advanced solutions and materials, flawlessly recognizing market needs and prevailing design preferences/trends. The result of intensive development work is the current collection of vestibules for every season - also for the demanding winter. We would like to present some of Dorem's most popular model proposals to you in today's material.

Vestibules on a pneumatic frame

Although a good vestibule support structure was, is and will be an indispensable element of a caravanning adventure for many traditionalists, it is definitely worth taking a look at alternative solutions in this area. Many manufacturers rely on "inflatable tubes" in their flagship, year-round propositions. The benefits are obvious to most of us - quick assembly and disassembly, strength and flexibility in carrying loads, and low weight of the tents.

Dorema Magnum Airforce

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The top version of the pneumatic vestibule available in two material varieties - All Season DormaTex (winter-resistant) and KlimaTex (lighter, preferably for people who often change their parking place). Magnum offers a depth of 280 cm and is available in 2 lengths - 280 or 360 cm.

The type of materials selected makes it an ideal partner in almost all weather conditions. Fans of winter travels will appreciate the advantages of the All Season version, which has excellent resistance to UV radiation, legendary YKK zippers (including a hydrophobic coating), double, durable seams and breathable properties. It may be a bit heavier, but it can cope with any, even the most difficult, conditions, even during longer stays.

The installation height in the range of 235-255 cm makes the vestibule an ideal option for caravans. Available widths are 260 or 390 cm and the weight is approx. 27 kg. The roof can withstand a load of 5 kg/m2. Both vestibule walls are foldable and removable, and the windows have nets and mosquito nets. Additional accessories include a utility tent (the so-called Cozy Corner, right or left), a bedroom, an electric compressor, a sun canopy, an additional mosquito net, a tube that helps create a veranda, and even a set of curtains dedicated to the model. Prices start from just under PLN 9,500.

Dorema Luxor Air

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Full-size air-inflated tent with a depth of 280 cm. This bright and spacious option for families is available in several versions for a circumference of 850-1125 cm. The anthracite/gray color is easy to keep clean. The condensation-reduced roof material is decoratively printed on the outside.

Both elements of the front wall can be removed, replaced and folded to create a veranda. The list of options includes a utility tent, a bedroom, a storm belt, an electric pump and alternative fastening systems (Safe Lock). The price range is almost as impressive as the available models (ranging from less than PLN 14,000 gross to over PLN 20,000). For the above-mentioned additional utility tent we will pay approximately PLN 5,000.

Dorema Maribor Air

He is a tough competitor ready to cope with any weather. In terms of design and functionality, it is inspired by the customer-recognized Maribor series on a traditional frame - but here in a version that is incomparably simpler and more user-friendly to install, and more. The depth of the model is 240 cm, and the available size range covers circumference from 775 to 1200 cm.

The inflatable frame with proprietary EAF technology translates into the total weight of the tent (from 30 kg). The roof and walls are year-round materials, and both front elements, like in other models from the current collection, can be removed, replaced and folded to create a veranda. Prices start from less than PLN 9.5 thousand. PLN and with larger sizes they soar to the ceiling of 17.5 thousand. We will have to pay an additional PLN 3,600 for a utility tent. Of course, we can also expand the functionality here using accessories from the add-on list.

Dorema Octavia Air

This is a modern proposition with an unusual shape. Thanks to it, it is very stable and extremely quick to assemble. The rounded profile of the roof guarantees that strong winds and bad weather will not spoil our enjoyment of relaxation, even in the most unfavorable weather conditions that may befall us on the coast of Europe.

Similarly to its predecessors, here we also have a depth of 240 cm and a full range of dimensions (circumferences from 850 to 1125 cm). In its smallest size, the vestibule weighs only 31 kg. The depth is 240 cm and the roof strength is 5 kg/m2. Octavia Air is available at a price ranging from PLN 12,000 to PLN 18,000.

The authorized representative of the DOREMA brand in Poland is ELCAMP from Krakow. The full range of vestibules and accessories can be found in the distributor's store - .


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