Jockey wheels for the trailer - what you need to know!

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Trailer jockey wheels play a key role in making it easy to maneuver your trailer around the campsite. Their task is to ensure the stability of the trailer when parked, as well as during maneuvers related to its placement on the plot. However, many people do not realize how important it is to choose the right support wheels for the characteristics of the place of use and their proper maintenance. In today's article, we will present key information on how to check the drawbar load on the trailer, and additionally, we will suggest which jockey wheel to choose for the trailer - hard or pumped. We will also provide practical tips on maneuvering a caravan! Enjoy reading.

How to check drawbar load on a trailer?

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To check the drawbar load on your caravan, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure the trailer is level and stable.

  2. Use a scale to measure drawbar load. The scale should be placed under the drawbar. Then check the result on the hand. Dedicated scales are available for checking the drawbar load in the trailer, but there are also support wheels with scales installed right away.

  3. Determine if the drawbar load is within the safe range for your caravan and towbar.

  4. If the maximum drawbar load is exceeded, reduce the weight or distribute it evenly on the trailer.

Which jockey wheel for the trailer?

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When deciding on a jockey wheel for a caravan, pay attention to a few important issues, namely:

  • Load capacity - choose a jockey wheel with an appropriate load capacity that guarantees resistance to the appropriate load.

  • With weight - standard jockey wheels have only a crank that allows you to raise the trailer to the appropriate height of the towing hook. The high-end ones also have a built-in scale, on which you can easily check the current load of the hook.

  • Size - wider wheels can make it easier to maneuver the trailer on a soft surface.

The above guidelines are not a rule. You can use them to select the right jockey wheel for the trailer, but we recommend contacting specialists.

If you are interested in various jockey wheels for caravans and other accessories, you should decide to visit the ACK store . The proposed solutions stand out from the competition, above all, at attractive prices and high quality of workmanship.

Inflatable or hard jockey wheel for caravan?

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Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Below are the details.

Inflatable tire for a caravan

  • lighter (easier to transport),

  • guarantees better cushioning (good solution on uneven terrain),

  • may be punctured (risk of tire pressure loss).

The inflatable wheels are relatively wide, so the weight is distributed over a larger surface. If you often maneuver the trailer on soft or wet terrain - this is the solution for you, but remember to check the tire regularly.

A hard jockey wheel for a caravan

  • very durable (requires less frequent maintenance, most often used in cargo trailers, which are used, for example, in construction areas, where an inflatable tire can easily puncture or be damaged),

  • lack of shock absorption (this can lead to significant vibrations of the entire trailer when maneuvering on uneven terrain).

The hard support wheels are particularly suitable for maneuvering on heavily paved terrain and punctures are virtually impossible.

How to maneuver a caravan on a campsite?

  1. Choose the right place where you want to park your trailer. It should be large enough and allow easy maneuvering.

  2. Check your surroundings. Pay particular attention to trees, poles, parked cars or other trailers.

  3. Adjust the towing mirror. Place them in such a way that you have the best view of the trailer.

  4. Set up the trailer. Preferably in a straight line with where you want to park it.

  5. Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction you want the trailer to turn. If you intend to turn the trailer to the right, you must turn the steering wheel to the left.

  6. Use the help of another person. Ask her for tips to help you maneuver.

  7. Be patient and take your time. Maneuvering a caravan takes time and patience (avoid sudden acceleration and braking).

A very good solution in caravans are mover drives, which allow you to set the caravan on the campsite using the remote control. In the ACK Benimar shop, there is a whole section with propulsion systems for caravans .

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Jockey wheels for the trailer - what you need to know! – image 2
Jockey wheels for the trailer - what you need to know! – image 3
Jockey wheels for the trailer - what you need to know! – image 4
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