Melamine dishes - will they work as high-quality camping dishes?

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Are you planning a holiday trip, a longer camper trip around Poland or foreign towns? In this case, you should also choose melamine tableware for your basic assortment - they are light, aesthetic and very durable. They turn out to be the right solution for people looking for the highest quality camping equipment that will last for many years. If you are interested in this topic - be sure to read today's article! We advise you what tourist dishes to choose for your camper or caravan, as well as why it is worth choosing melamine tableware! Enjoy reading.

Tourist tableware - which one to choose for a camper or caravan?

Brunner melamine tableware

Camping cookware sets are usually designed to take up as little space as possible and at the same time be light and durable (break-resistant). The most frequently used tourist vessels include:

  • pots,

  • pans,

  • mugs,

  • plates,

  • cutlery.

The best solution for camping are, first of all, products made of melamine - they do not burden the camping vehicle or the bowl when walking to the camping dishwashing room, and are additionally distinguished by intense colors and attractive patterns. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose dishes made of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or plastics (e.g. plastic).

In the case of cookware sets for a camper or caravan, it is worth looking for sets that contain all the necessary elements. For example, the ACK store offers dinner sets containing several pieces of small and larger plates, bowls, cups and glasses. In addition, there are also the so-called snack trays and spoons, teaspoons, knives and forks. Typically, prices for the highest quality compositions do not exceed several hundred zlotys.


Before making the final purchasing decision, make sure that the selected camping utensils are the right size for the place where they will be stored.

Are melamine dishes good for a camper?

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Melamine tableware is currently one of the best solutions for campers. They are distinguished primarily by:

  • durability,

  • durability (they do not break as easily as glass ones),

  • high quality (based on top-class materials),

  • low weight.

However, it is worth knowing that camper tableware sets made of melamine are not resistant to high temperatures, so meals should be heated using a different type of tableware (e.g. made of stainless steel).

Anti-slip tableware - the benefits of using safe tableware for your camper!

A man in front of a camper at a camping table

Dishes with anti-slip are rubberized on the bottom, which prevents the tableware from moving while driving. We recommend them for campers primarily due to their anti-slip properties (they do not move while driving, which prevents them from being damaged and makes them much safer to use). Thanks to this, you can easily leave the bowl of fruit on the table or kitchen counter without fear of it shifting or tipping over.

FAQ - frequently asked questions and answers [melamine tableware]

Below we present the most common questions and answers about melamine tableware.

How much do high-quality camping utensils cost?

High-quality camping utensils (e.g. made of melamine) cost around several hundred zlotys for dinner sets containing 16 or 36 products.

Is it worth choosing melamine tourist dishes?

Melamine tourist dishes are, above all, light, resistant to damage (including breaks and scratches), easy to clean and store, as well as functional, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding users. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the use of various patterns and colors, they can be a very attractive element of tourist kitchen equipment.

Where to buy cookware sets for a camper?

Camper dish sets can be purchased in stores selling tourist supplies, home and garden solutions, and online stores. If you are interested in high-quality products made of melamine, be sure to visit the ACK store where you will find various camper utensils . If you have any questions, we are available by e-mail or telephone.

Naczynia Brunner z melaminy
Parcela na Terra Park Phalaris
Parcela na Terra Park Phalaris
Naczynia Brunner
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