Movers - overview of maneuvering systems for caravans

Movers - overview of maneuvering systems for caravans – main image

The convenience offered by modern maneuvering systems for caravans (so-called movers) cannot be overestimated. The offer on the market is impressive, but also the price range for products with very similar parameters can surprise.

Today we will look at a few products from this segment that do not cost a fortune, and functionally they will perfectly cope with everyday use, often beating the competition in terms of parameters.

P1 - proven on Polish roads (and campsites )

The excellent quality Polish maneuvering device has won a huge crowd of supporters and enjoys a great reputation in the environment due to several key aspects. The design of the solution is refined in every detail and perfectly copes even with trailers of considerable weight moved in difficult conditions.

In the simplest version for single-axle vehicles, we are dealing with manual clamping and the declared maximum weight of the trailer specified by the manufacturer at 2250 kg (the permissible elevation is then 12%).

In practice, this means that it is one of the strongest movers on the market, allowing the use of a 2-engine solution even where we would seemingly be doomed to 4 engines. This would, of course, increase the weight and price of such a package.

In addition, thanks to the use of reinforced electronic components and modified software, the device gives the user the TURBO option. In this mode, for 10 seconds, the device can work with a power 20% higher than the nominal one, and then it goes into cooling mode.

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After 100 seconds, we can use the TURBO mode again. It is an ideal solution when we have to overcome more difficult obstacles / terrain unevenness.

The speed at which the trailer controlled by the P1 mover can move is 13 cm/s. The P1 devices come with a remote control, which is not offered by any manufacturer of solutions of this type - even much more expensive.

It gives us a preview of the current system load, informs about possible overload, main battery status, Turbo function activity, and even the external temperature. Another useful function that many competitors do not have is the ability to charge the remote control via a USB socket - no more trips to look for unusual 9V batteries and other freaks after arriving at a stopover or camping in the wilderness, or - worse - in the middle of the night. I use the Truma Mover - I know what I'm talking about!

You can find this Mover in the Elcamp store under the link: Mover P1 with manual downforce

Users looking for fully automated solutions will certainly be interested in the P1 Mover A model - for the 10th anniversary of the company, the manufacturer offers this version with an automatic clamp. You can also find the "Limited Edition" variant in the Elcamp store under the heading Mover P1 automatic .

What distinguishes this model? At first glance, we can see that despite the 2-engine system, it can handle trailers weighing up to 2,450 kg and with gradients of up to 15%! The weight of the devices is only 34 kg. Due to the use of the machine, in addition to the functions described above, the remote control will also show us here the active status of the automatic reversing system.

P1 movers are practically unmatched in terms of power for one more reason - we can reach for the MAX option here, which basically consists in modifying the intermediate gear.

The torque is then increased by 18% and the speed is reduced by 15%. In this way, we basically exclude the possibility of overloading even in the largest trailers.

The aforementioned modification of the gearbox to the MAX version is a standard procedure in the case of solutions for 2-axle models. In 1-axis models, the modification is made on request - factory or as a retrofit (replacement of the racks, however, requires disassembly of the system).

Overloading in practice happens in the least favorable circumstances. Sometimes the security devices installed in the mover systems do not cope even in undemanding terrain (again, I rely on the experience with the Truma device), and repair and restart are unnecessary nerves.

Mover Reich - German surefire at a reasonable price

The German brand Reich has been with us for decades - their offer has been significantly expanded over the years, but the company has always focused on providing the best value for money. The selection of maneuvering devices in this list is limited to 3 models covering the full spectrum of needs of most customers.

The model designed for single-axle caravans weighing up to 1,600 kg can cope with slopes up to 15% (in the case of models weighing up to 1,250 kg, the manufacturer declares even 25%).

The high-performance bearings used in all Reich models allow many years of trouble-free service. Easydriver 1.6 is equipped with a manual clamping system using the wrench included in the set.

Movers - overview of maneuvering systems for caravans – image 2

Of course, the set also includes an ergonomic remote control. If you have a trailer with a nominal weight not exceeding 1600 kg and you want to save time and make your life easier by spending relatively little, then this model will be a hit.

PRO series models are available for single-axle and two-axle trailers, but the number of engines differs in both cases (2 vs. 4) and ... price.

The PRO model - regardless of the version - looks great. The design has been appreciated by experts who showered it with awards for several years in a row - the Reich easydriver PRO has received the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design, Plus X Award, as well as the German Design Award Special Mention.

However, design is not everything - thanks to the use of highly durable composites, the drives are corrosion-resistant, and their construction and assembly method provide above-average clearance, which is very important in this type of systems. EasyDrive's award-winning intuitive and easy-to-use remote control can be completed with one more gadget.

Optionally, the manufacturer offers an interface for communication with a mobile device (phone/tablet) and operation via a dedicated Reich application (easydriver move).

The analysis of the technical parameters of the above-mentioned models shows that they deserve the nickname PRO. The gradeability for the 1-axle version is 15% at 2000 kg and 28% at 1200 kg, while the beast for the largest 2-axle constructions climbs 12% at 2800 kg and 20% at 1800 kg.

The weight of the devices is 30 or 60 kg, respectively. Automatic clamping (coupling) is a matter of course in this class. The warranty on Reich products is 5 years.

We based our list on the offer of the ELCAMP group store - . Here you will not only buy, but you will be professionally served in the field of assembly and after-sales / service - this applies, of course, not only to movers, but all additional equipment for a motorhome or trailer.

This article was prepared in cooperation with Elcamp
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