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If you like spending time outdoors and you have no qualms about spending the night in a tent or directly in the open air, cycling may be an interesting form of recreation for you.

This unique form of travel has clearly been gaining in popularity in recent years, which may, at least in part, be influenced by the growing selection of bicycles and bicycle accessories, which are very useful during longer trips outside the city. Therefore, it is worth considering which bike will be the best for cycling and what is worth investing in preparing for this type of trip.

Tourist bike - what is worth knowing about it

In recent years, a completely new category of bicycles has appeared on the market. They are the so-called touring bikes, also called trekking bikes by some people. This type of equipment was created for lovers of cycling and is a kind of mixture of typical mountain bikes and city bikes. A characteristic feature of touring bikes are relatively large wheels, thanks to which we quickly cover longer sections of the road, as well as a frame profiled in such a way that it takes a more upright position while riding, which improves the ride comfort (the silhouette is more inclined than in the case of city bikes, but less inclined than on mountain or road bikes). A distinctive element in many models of touring bikes is the presence of a front shock absorber, which reduces some of the shocks when driving on gravel roads, meadows or forest paths, a smoother and narrower tire tread, as well as the presence of a trunk and fenders. The luggage rack, on which a special bicycle bag can be installed, is particularly important in this design. This is an excellent solution, thanks to which we can resign from carrying an uncomfortable backpack.

Bike accesories

When going on a longer bike trip, we usually take more luggage with us. Therefore, a touring bike should be equipped with a special type of spacious bag installed on a bicycle carrier. In such a bag, we can hide all the items we need during a multi-day trip - a change of clothes, hygiene accessories, accessories for an overnight stay in the open air, a supply of water and food. Useful bicycle accessories, which we should stock up on when embarking on a longer journey, are also: working lights (rear and front), bicycle helmet, bicycle pump and bicycle repair kit, consisting of a few keys, spare inner tube, possibly a patch and accessories for inner tube repair in the field.

Footwear and clothing

Cycling for many hours is very strenuous for the body. Therefore, when going on a trip, it is worth reaching for clothes that will not restrict our movements and that will provide us with comfort while driving in the sun, in strong wind or in light rainfall. It is also worth investing in specially profiled shoes that will prevent abrasions and blisters. It is important that such shoes have a relatively soft sole, which, apart from maximum comfort while riding, will also provide us with high comfort during hiking trips, once we get off the bike.

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