Endless bike routes along the Garda

Endless bike routes along the Garda – main image

The Garda Trentino region is a great place for cycling. There are legends about many mountain and road routes. Nothing unusual. There are 44 marked routes, stretching for over 1,300 km. I think that this region is well known to lovers of two wheels, but it is not only a mecca for very active people, but also for everyone who likes communing with nature.

Easy bike trails for everyone

I admit that the most beautiful routes leading along mountain slopes, providing amazing views, are mostly intended for experienced cyclists. This does not mean that there are no scenic trails for the average two-wheeler. The routes have been divided into three basic categories according to technical and fitness abilities: easy, moderate and difficult.

To choose the right route for yourself, just browse the online guide to mountain and road trails. I think you will have no problem choosing something for yourself from the long, diverse list.

If you are only interested in recreational, simplest paths, check out the tab dedicated to family recreation . Regardless of your skills, you can go on one of the trails proposed there.

I drove through several of them. I recommend, among others: trip to the turquoise lake Bogattoli. You can go there, like I did from Torbole, along the bicycle path along the Sarca River.


The route proposed in the guide - F06 Lago Bagattoli Trail - leads only from Dro. It is a very pleasant, varied and scenic path. Leading through vineyards and hills. Part of the route is a bit more demanding, but once you gain a certain height, high rocks begin to appear in front of your eyes, and from the viewpoints there is a panorama of the Sarca valley and the castles of Arco and Drena. Then you go down to the turquoise Lake Bogattoli, where you can rest, have a snack and a good beer. If you like not only to admire beautiful views, but also to relax in peace and quiet, I recommend this trail. At the beginning of October, I met only a few people on the route.

Bike tours around the vineyards

Cycling on the Garda River is a great means of transport and sightseeing. I recommend, among others: a recreational trip to at least one vineyard in the region, which I wrote recently in an article about local products that delighted me in Garda Trentino - you can read it here: Food & wine holidays in Garda Trentino - vol. 2 local products .

E-bike not only for grandparents

If you don't like cycling or are afraid that you won't be able to complete even a straight route, you can rent an e-bike. You certainly won't have a problem finding a rental company. I used to think that electric bikes were only for older people. After several tests, I found that they are a very good solution for everyone, regardless of age and skills. Thanks to the electric drive, you cover the route faster and you are less tired on the climbs, so you can tackle more demanding and longer trails, regardless of your fitness.



When going on a bicycle trip, it is worth checking the route in advance on the Internet at: https://www.gardatrentino.it/en/outdoor/tours and saving it on your phone. GPS maps are very helpful because not all routes are well marked and you can sometimes get lost. This especially applies to simple family tours. The best marked mountain trails are with three digit numbers, it's hard to get lost on them ;)

Bicycle rentals

You don't have to have your own bike. You can easily find a rental company in every city. If you want to go cycling for one or two days, it is worth considering whether to go with your own equipment. Renting a bike costs from EUR 20 per day. The price, of course, decreases when we rent a bike for a longer period.

Link to sample rental companies: https://www.gardatrentino.it/en/

Choosing the right equipment will allow you to enjoy the trip

When renting equipment, remember to pay attention to the size of the bike and the saddle. You can always try how you feel on it and how you ride it, and then ask for an adjustment or replacement of the bike or the saddle itself with a comfortable, touring one. It seems to me that only enthusiasts who ride in pampers are able to stay on narrow, very hard saddles for a long time. They may be technically great, they weigh little and meet the requirements of professional cyclists, but for weekend cycling enthusiasts, comfort is probably more important ;)

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