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The northern coast of Lake Garda, located in the province of Trentino, is a region for gourmets. What makes local products unique? Undoubtedly, a unique Mediterranean climate, accentuated by the Alpine influence of the Dolomites, which is also modeled by Lake Garda. It is he who creates perfect conditions for vines and olive trees, which have been cultivated there for over 2,000 years. However, climate and good soil alone are not enough to create delicious products. A favorable atmosphere, not only for growing plants, is also created by the inhabitants who, with Italian finesse and German solidity, devote themselves fully to what they do.

I recently wrote about where to eat in the Garda Trentino region here: Food & Wine Holidays in Garda Trentino , and today I will share my experiences about olive oil, wine and apples.

The story about apples from Trentino, or... about extraordinary people who can be found everywhere, even in the grocery store

One of the fruits for which Trentino is famous are apples. The most famous local dessert is prepared on their basis - apple strudel, or Strudel di Mele . I think for most of you it is known by its German name Apfelstrudel. I admit that this is one of my favorite desserts, you can try it in almost every cafe. But apple pie is not everything. If you love apples, I recommend visiting Bottega Rurale Maso Giare - a small, inconspicuous shop, looking like a grocery store, located on the national road No. 45A connecting Arco with Dro.


This shop has been run for years by the Brighenti family, which has specialized in growing apples and kiwi for three generations. In autumn you can try several delicious varieties of apples, including: Golden Delicius and Granny Smith . Juices and jams, as well as dried apples, are produced from them. Fortunately, these delicacies are available all year round. You can taste all products in the shop. It is worth trying different types of juices, from the sweetest to the refreshing - sour ones, perfect for hot days. For jam lovers, I recommend kiwi and apple jam with ginger. The latter is a great addition to tea on autumn and winter evenings. Dried apples also taste delicious. I've never eaten anything so good. Sweet, slightly crunchy, simply delicious. Of course, all preserves are produced from organic farming, which, by the way, is located behind the shop, just like the entire production line.

This place owes its uniqueness not only to its wonderful products, but also to the people who created them - members of the Brighenti family. Their motto is " l'amore per la terra, l'amore per la famiglia " which means: "Love for the land, love for the family". As soon as you cross the threshold of the store, you will see that it is not just a slogan. I was lucky that after a short conversation and tasting, Mrs. Brighenti suggested a meeting with Lino Brighenti, one of the co-owners of the family farm. He showed me around the orchard and showed me the production, which is located in just one room. He told me the family history. The beginning of their adventure, when they sold apples on the porch of their house. Nothing extraordinary, but still. I was delighted by the members of this family who passionately talk about their work and its fruits. It is stories like these that allow you to quickly understand the phenomenon of Trentino cuisine.

Wines created with passion

Being on the Garda River, you cannot fail to visit at least one vineyard ;) Many local winemakers are happy to host tourists in their wineries and show them around the vineyards and old cellars full of barrels and bottles, as well as modern production lines. While walking or riding a bike, you will see many opportunities to visit picturesque estates with vineyards around. I went on a bicycle trip to Azienda Agricola Pisoni in Pergolese.


A family winery located on the Trentino wine and flavor route - Strada del Vino e dei Sapori del Trentino . It's amazing how much you can learn about wines during such a trip, and even interesting facts that you won't read in guidebooks. Of course, tasting is a must at the end. Regardless of where you go, they will start with a light, dry, white wine from the endemic Trentino grape variety - Nosiola. The famous liqueur Vino Santo is made from the same variety, and you will read about it in every guide. I wasn't impressed, but it's worth a try. My favorite was Reboro. Red wine with a very deep flavor and aroma, which is achieved thanks to a unique preparation method. Just like the grapes for Vino Santo, they are dried on shelves after harvest. They are pressed only in November. The wine is poured into oak barrels, where it ages for 3 years, and then poured into bottles and matures there for 8 months. Only then is it ready for sale. A bottle costs 37 eu, but now you know why ;) Rebo wine is also worth trying. For connoisseurs of bubbles, I recommend Trentodoc, the only wine with bubbles produced in Italy using the classic method, i.e. champagne . To be honest, I have never drank such good Rose and its amazing, intensely pink, even red color. Classic Brut is also very good.

Many vineyards have distilleries where grappa is produced from the "remnants" of grapes from which juice is squeezed into wine, i.e. skins and seeds. I sincerely recommend it to lovers of strong drinks. I assure you that there is no comparison to what you are used to on the Alpine slopes ;)

Olive oil called the green gold of the Garda Trentino region

I haven't eaten bad olive oil in Italy yet. It's like wine there. It's hard to find a bad one. Of course, I'm not taking into account mega-productions for supermarkets. A long time ago, I fell in love with the taste of Sicilian olive oil, which I still import in barrels straight from the producer. After trying Grada Trentino extra virgin olive oil , it turned out that I had to share my love.


It has an incredibly surprising taste. To feel it fully, it is worth taking a spoon into your mouth and not disturbing it with the taste of any food, even a baguette. At first you will feel a delicate taste, which increases in intensity after a short time. At the end there is an intense, deep flavor, in my opinion with a hint of spiciness similar to black cumin. Specialists and connoisseurs of the oil claim that it is a combination of green almonds, artichoke and aromatic herbs. I won't argue. Its aroma and taste are simply delicious. A baguette dipped in it, with the addition of another regional delicacy - Aceto Balsamico Trentino - tastes amazing. It is also an ideal addition to salads, soups, e.g. pumpkin cream, or meats and cold cuts, such as the local carne salada . If you want to buy it, remember that the real one has a protected designation of origin mark - DOP Garda Trentino. Don't be fooled by supermarket fakes. It is not cheap, like any good olive oil, but it is worth trying and investing in at least one bottle.

After enjoying the local cuisine, I think that no one will have any doubts why many products are awarded and marked with the Slow Food quality certificate.

MY TIPS – places worth visiting in Garda Trentino where you can taste and buy delicatessen

Bottega Rurale Maso Giare

It is a "grocery" where you can buy not only seasonal vegetables and sheep grown by the owners, but also other local products of the highest quality such as honey, wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and grappa, which are selected personally by the owners from trusted farmers and producers. .

If, like me, you like to get to know everything "from the inside", you can arrange a tour of the farm and see the production line, and most importantly, listen to extraordinary stories. This attraction is available to everyone, not just the chosen few ;)

Azienda Agricola Pisoni in Pergolese

I recommend a recreational bicycle trip through the Sarca River valley to Pismoni. It is located just 25 km from Riva del Garda and not much further from Torbole. Of course, two-wheeler enthusiasts can choose the route through the mountains. You don't have to organize such a trip yourself, you can find all the information here: .

Important information ;) Bicycle trips are organized in the vineyards, including return transport, so you don't have to worry about getting on the bike with alcohol in your blood.

Agraria Riva del Garda


There is a delicatessen shop on the outskirts of Riva del Garda. You can buy a lot of local products there, from good wines, which you can also taste on site, to olive oil, vinegar, cold meats, cheeses, sweets and much more. I especially recommend wines at a very good price ;) Good table wine can be purchased for as little as EUR 5 per liter straight from the distributor ;)


I only described the places and products that truly delighted me in this region. You can read more information about local products, their producers and places where you can buy them here:

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