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Iron roads, or via ferratas – image 1
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Iron roads, or via ferratas

Do you already have plans for the upcoming warm spring weekends? Why not go to the mountains to the Garda? : D. Garda Trentino is a unique place for lovers of hiking, mountain tours and climbing. On the mountain slopes rising from the shores of Lake Garda, reaching over 2,000 meters above sea level, many hiking, trekking and climbing routes have been created. You can say that they are at your fingertips, as it is enough to move a bit away from the city center to go out on breathtaking trails. It is also very easy to reach the valleys where the mountain adventure begins, as well as interesting places and viewing terraces.

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Places to visit

Endless bike routes along the Garda

The Garda Trentino region is great for cycling. There are legends about many routes, both mountain and road. Nothing unusual. There are 44 marked routes, stretching for over 1,300 km. I think that this region is well known to lovers of two wheels, but it is not only a Mecca for very active people, but also for all those who like communing with nature. I admit that the most beautiful routes leading on the mountain slopes, providing amazing views, are mostly intended for experienced cyclists. This does not mean that there are no scenic routes for average two-wheelers. The routes are divided into three basic categories according to technical and fitness skills: easy, moderate and difficult.

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Food & wine holiday in Garda Trentino - vol. 2 local products

The northern coast of Lake Garda, in the province of Trentino, is a gourmet region. What makes local products unique? Undoubtedly, the unique Mediterranean climate, exacerbated by the alpine influence of the dolomites, which is at the same time modeled by Lake Garda. It is he who creates the perfect conditions for vines and olive trees that have been grown there for over 2,000 years. However, climate and good soil alone are not enough to create delicious products. A favorable atmosphere, not only growing plants, is also created there by the inhabitants who, with Italian finesse and at the same time German solidity, devote themselves to what they do to the full.

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Food & Wine Holidays in Garda Trentino

Region Garda Trentino rozpościerający się na północy Jeziora Garda to mekka dla ludzi aktywnych kochających góry oraz sporty wodne. Cudowny oudoor fitness klub stworzony tu przez naturę to jednak nie wszystko. Połączenie aktywnego wypoczynku z wakacjami typu food & wine jest tu wręcz oczywistością. Z pysznościami jest tu jak ze sportem. Jak zaczniesz próbować nie możesz przestać. Chcesz więcej i więcej!