Camping Piani di Clodia - a holiday in the shadow of the Dolomites

Camping Piani di Clodia - a holiday in the shadow of the Dolomites – main image

Lake Garda is a true pearl of northern Italy. The cleanest and largest lake in Italy is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. It attracts them with its beauty and attractions for twelve months a year.

In summer, it is a mecca for sunbathers and fans of water sports looking for refreshment, while in winter it tempts with the beauty of snow-capped mountains visible in the distance. Garda is not only an extremely grateful subject for photography - it is also a great holiday destination. Add to this the vicinity of the Lessinia Regional Nature Park, and we will get one of the most attractive areas in all of Europe.

Lessinia - wild nature that delights


The park includes 15 neighboring municipalities, and the protected area covers over 10 ha. The Lessinia Regional Nature Park is a green area between Verona, Monte Baldo and the Little Dolomites. From the point of view of geology, the area can be divided into three main components: the lowest hilly areas, the region of middle mountains (up to 1,200 m above sea level) and the high mountain part (from 1,200 m above sea level to the highest peaks).

The landscape of the park is dominated by areas of small meadows surrounded by forests, which are still used by local "highlanders" as places for summer grazing of farm animals. The regional cheeses have a certificate of origin and are valued for their taste. These areas are located primarily in the highest zone of the park (over 1,200 m above sea level).

The richness of fauna and flora of Naturepark Lessin


Due to its geology, Lessinia has long been regarded as an excellent source of materials for the production of tools. The ubiquitous silicon rock was widely used, for example, in the creation of weapons and everyday objects. The oldest discovered evidence of human ancestors' activity in these areas is estimated at 700,000 to 130,000 years. There are also numerous caves and grottos in which traces of the existence of Neanderthals and modern people have been found. The most famous places of this type are the Fumane and Riparo Tagliente caves. Lessinia changed its function in the age of metal exploitation. The Iron Age gave rise to the construction of closed communities geared to controlling the surrounding areas rather than exploiting them.

The Lessinia Regional Nature Park is a unique place inhabited by numerous species of animals. Here you can meet species typical of alpine areas, including chamois, deer and wolves. Brown bears also live here. Wandering along the routes, we can hear the black grouse, and the lucky traveler will see the timid hazel grouse. Large predators such as eagles, buzzards and falcons fly overhead.

There are sightseeing paths in the park that will lead tourists to the wildest regions. Everyone will find something for themselves here: fans of prehistory - rock paintings, bird watchers - beautiful specimens. Those who dream of close contact with nature will relax among greenery and silence.

Camping Piani di Clodia - overnight in nature

The area of Garda and Lessinia Park are famous for their excellent accommodation infrastructure. Along the shore of the basin there are dozens of small and large recreation centers. The five-star Camping Piani di Clodia stands out from the surrounding campsites. It is located on the southeastern shore of the lake, approximately 25 km west of Verona. To get to the nature park from there, you need to cover about 60 km, heading north-east.


The resort offers guests a full range of accommodation options and additional services. More demanding tourists can expect comfortable and spacious maxicaravans and bungalows overlooking the lake . Glamping occupies a special place in the camp's offer. Exclusive tents equipped with all amenities are the perfect solution for lovers of nature - and luxury at the same time.

Piani di Clodia is also a friendly place for campers and tourists who love under the stars.

In addition to accommodation, the range of entertainment is also important. A team of animators takes care of the good mood of guests of all ages. Water lovers will love the Holiday Park swimming pool complex . Besides, you don't have to leave the campground to eat lunch or dinner. The restaurant, supermarket and bazaar provide delicious meals and access to fresh produce for self-cooking.

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