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Half of the holidays are behind us! However, many people plan their holidays at the turn of August and September. Holidays with a child always bring additional complications, but also great joy from spending time together. We decided to present several products that will be useful not only during holidays, but also during any other trip with children!

DEUTER KIDS backpack


KIDS is a fully professional backpack for every little adventurer. Straight from DEUTER. Designed so that every child from the age of 3 can use it independently. The backpack has buckle closures designed especially for children. The back is contoured and filled with soft, breathable foam, which also protects the child's back when carrying angular objects. The main compartment is tightened with a rope and buckle and fastened from the outside with two buckles.



A classic "sippy" eddy™ bottle designed for children and designed especially for little hands. The simplified straw is easy for children to use, and the shape and size of the bottle allows it to be packed into any luggage or school bag. All parts are easy to clean (dishwasher safe) and completely safe for children.

ALPINA GAMMA 2.0 children's bicycle helmet


Gamma 2.0 is a colorful and easy-to-install helmet designed for the youngest, made by the well-known and respected Alpina brand. Its rounded shape will also provide your child with comfort when traveling in a bicycle seat. Despite its small size, this helmet has technologies known from models intended for adults, thanks to which it ensures safety and comfort for the child, even during long-term use!



Waterproof sun protection Outdoor & Sea SPF30 + (8ml) suntan lotion by Care Plus, perfectly protects the skin against harmful UV radiation. It is worth adding that Sun Protection Outdoor & Sea also protects against burns from anemones, corals and jellyfish. Maybe



Perfect lightweight headlamp by Black Diamond - Wiz model. It is a full-fledged headlamp, but it was designed with children in mind. A handy headlamp that is perfect for trips and cycling. It can be smoothly brightened and darkened. It has a strobe mode. Comfortable adjustable strap. The headlamp turns off automatically after 2 hours.

NEVERLAND KOALA baby carrier


The NEVERLAND KANGOO baby carrier is an extremely practical travel carrier for children, with many functionalities for both the child and the carrier. you are looking for a convenient way to go hiking with children. Thanks to all these amenities, this is the perfect model for you and your child!

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