Brightness ... brightness I can see! So the headlamps not only for camping – image 1

Brightness ... brightness I can see! So the headlamps not only for camping

A headlamp is one of the absolutely essential items for almost everyone. If you love tourism, go hiking in the mountains, go camping, go to a music festival, run or ride a bike, the headlamp is simply essential for you! You can ignore the fact that it will also come in handy when you need to change a light bulb at home at night or bury it next to the car. Because it is so useful, it is worth choosing a model that will meet our requirements in 100%. In the article below, we present some headlamps that are really noteworthy!

Fun in the snow – image 1

Fun in the snow

The beginnings of the snow madness should be expected in the coming days. Regardless of whether you are waiting for winter hiking, skiing or snowboarding, you are now looking for the equipment you need. Among the wide assortment of the store, we have selected some interesting accessories for you that will undoubtedly be useful to you!. The Thule Upslope 20L is a great backpack for both slope, climbing and ski touring. The user can use three methods of gaining access to the main compartment, which makes it much easier to store and remove the equipment needed at the moment. It is also possible to attach a snowboard or skis to it.

Cycling madness – image 1

Cycling madness

The cycling season is still in full swing. In addition to the bike itself, most of us also need basic gadgets for it. A pump, clasp or bottle holder is an absolute must have for every cyclist. We present some interesting gadgets that will make every bicycle journey more enjoyable!

Successful gifts up to PLN 100! – image 1

Successful gifts up to PLN 100!

It's time to start looking for Christmas presents. In order not to waste unnecessary time during preparations, we have prepared a list of interesting products for active people at a price not exceeding PLN 100. Thanks to it, we hope that our customers will quickly find a gift that will please their loved ones!. The Deuter Wash Center Lite toiletry bag is perfect for places where good organization and low luggage weight are important - from business trips to mountain hiking. The wash bag is made of light, thin nylon and has mesh pockets and compartments inside. This selection of materials made it possible to reduce the weight of the product as much as possible: the cosmetic bag weighs only 75 grams.

Gloves just in time for the winter – image 1

Gloves just in time for the winter

The temperatures outside make us start looking for hats, gloves and scarves. It is definitely better to stock up on them than to visit nearby pharmacies. In our store, there are gloves for various activities - skiing, climbing, running or mountaineering, but also those that are perfect for everyday use. We decided to present today some interesting models that will be the perfect companions when spending time in the cold. BLACK DIAMOND WOOLWEIGHT gloves. Classic look and warmth - these are the greatest advantages of the Woolweight gloves. Thanks to the use of Polartec Thermal Pro material with the addition of the highest quality wool, the gloves provide unparalleled thermal comfort while maintaining low weight and freedom of movement. They are perfect as liners for membrane gloves or simply as outer gloves. Stretch cuffs ensure a perfect fit, and soft leather reinforcements protect the gloves from damage and provide a better grip.

Time for a hat – image 1

Time for a hat

The first frosts are behind us and it's time to buy a warm hat. This often underestimated item of clothing can save us from illness and certainly improve comfort during the autumn and winter period. The Outdoorzy.pl store offers hundreds of different types of hats, among which everyone will find something for themselves. Here we decided to introduce a few models that stand out in particular. We are convinced that they will be an excellent choice that will be extraordinary and provide an appropriate level of warmth.

Merino wool as a defense against the cold! – image 1

Merino wool as a defense against the cold!

Autumn is here for good. It makes itself felt by capricious weather, cold and gusty wind. Soon after it will be snow, chill and frost. In the mountains, its first signs can be found now. For our comfort, it is very important to ensure thermal comfort during this unfavorable time. It will allow you to enjoy every day regardless of the weather. That is why we have prepared two sets of men's baselayers made of unique merino wool, which will keep you warm in any situation. Products made of this wool are extremely warm, and they breathe very well, wick moisture depending on the season, heat or cool and leave the skin dry. Merino wool has thinner fibers than ordinary wool, so it is nicer to the touch and does not scratch. It is also antibacterial, has self-cleaning properties, does not pick up static and is allergy friendly. Unfortunately, it is also more expensive than other materials - but it is still worth investing in!.

Shoes for demanding customers – image 1

Shoes for demanding customers

Appropriate footwear is the most important element of the equipment of every mountain tourist. As for what I don't think anyone needs to be convinced. It is thanks to them that you are able to overcome long routes in such a comfortable way that it would be pleasant and not an unpleasant necessity. Our store's offer includes a very wide selection of mountain boots, among which the following deserve attention:. A new idea in the production of footwear! The Canadian brand Arcteryx, known for the most advanced solutions, was ahead of the competition once again by light years! The result is the Bora 2 MID GTX shoes, another milestone in the production of hiking footwear. The unique design of these shoes is no accident - Arcteryx managed to create the entire upper from one element connected thanks to seamless thermolamination. Thanks to this, the upper not only looks unique, but also provides unprecedented durability, support and, thanks to the absence of seams, also high comfort. Perfect ventilation means that even long hikes on hot days will not be tiring. A dedicated sole constructed specifically by Vibram for Arcteryx provides adequate support on virtually any surface. This shoe will be perfect for even the most difficult mountain trails.

Rockland cookware sets – image 1

Rockland cookware sets

Rockland - the Polish manufacturer of tourist accessories offers several interesting sets of dishes that will work well not only during camping or holidays, but also more demanding trips. Choose the one that suits you best!. A set of dishes for 1-2 people made of anodized aluminum consists of two pots with foldable handles. The pots can be folded into one, compatible unit, thus creating a small and handy tourist set that you can take anywhere with you. It can easily accommodate a 220g cartridge and a small cooker. In addition, the set is equipped with a cover for easy transport.

Vacation with a child – image 1

Vacation with a child

Half of the holidays are behind us! Many people, however, plan their vacation in August and September. Holidays with a child are always additional complications, but also a great joy to spend time together. We decided to present a few products that are useful not only during the holidays, but also for any other trip with children!. KIDS is a fully professional backpack for every little adventurer. Straight from DEUTER. Designed so that every toddler from 3 years of age can use it independently. The backpack has buckle fasteners designed especially for children. The back is contoured and filled with a soft, breathable foam, which also protects the child's back when carrying angular objects. The main compartment is tightened with a rope with a clamp and fastened from the outside with two buckles.

Water accessories – image 1

Water accessories

Holidays are the best time to spend by the water! Among the assortment of our store you can find many products that are perfect for this! We present selected of them!. A renewed, timeless classic of two-person recreational kayaks, with a revolutionary packing system. Perfect for enjoying your adventures or just relaxing by the water with family and friends. Thanks to the durable and light construction, it is an ideal proposition for people starting their adventure with kayaks. High quality is a guarantee of fun regardless of the destination we intend to reach. The Riviera kayak is perfect for spending your free time on the water. It is perfect for swimming on lakes as well as calm rivers and in salt water.

Beachgoer's accessories – image 1

Beachgoer's accessories

The Baltic Sea is experiencing the invasion of tourists this year, but if you are going to the Mediterranean, Black or any other, you should not forget about a few basic items that will make your stay at the seaside easier and more enjoyable. Holidays are the best time to listen to the sound of the waves!. FOLDING BEACH CHAIR is a folding chair from the renowned Outwell brand. Perfect for the beach, camping or a bonfire in the wilderness. Due to the fact that it is foldable and light, it is very easy to carry. The use of the highest quality materials means that the chair can be used for many years without any problems.