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100% Adventure this time in Iceland!

After last year's trip "Norwegian Expedition", our appetites for Scandinavian climates increased even more, so we took up a new challenge - we visited the otherworldly land of Iceland. Harsh climate, more difficult conditions, even higher prices than in Norway, but we have never experienced such magical places before. Breathtaking waterfalls, awe-inspiring glaciers, huge space despite a small island - this is just the beginning of this counting :) Called by many, not without reason, the land of ice and fire has a lot to offer.

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Lviv for the weekend

Bored with the travel downtime and "everyday" life, eagerly waiting for the time of our new adventures, we decided to go somewhere for the weekend. After an intense brainstorming, the words close, cheap, climatic and our finger reached Lviv on the map , so there was no turning back;)

At the top of the fjord - memories of a trip to Scandinavia – image 1
Travel reports

At the top of the fjord - memories of a trip to Scandinavia

Our most awaited and most demanding, for some almost "journey of a lifetime" began on July 1st. Ready for adventure, we started packing, 30 days, 7 people in one Volkswagen T3 - it was not an easy challenge . Our main luggage was "YELLOW" food, as Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe, we wanted to take as much of it as possible. After 2 days of travel, we arrived in Denmark, the town of Hirtshals, from where we had a ferry that docked in Kristiansand, but it turned out that the next one was only 6 hours away! Our time, however, did not last long, we spent it in a very charming place, on a sandy beach, listening to the sound of the sea.