10 years of Carado and a motorhome instead of a cake

10 years of Carado and a motorhome instead of a cake – main image

The Carado is the best proof that you don't need a huge number of models to count on the touring car market. Among the vehicles of this German brand, we can find as many as 15 different variants, but the basic models are only two - with an alcove and with a low roof.

Carado cannot boast a long history. The production of motorhomes of this brand started in December 2006 in Neustadt and from the very beginning was carried out under the auspices of Erwin Hymer Group, which currently includes as many as 16 different brands.

A short but dynamic story

The Carado plant started production with a 60-person crew. After 10 years, the company employs over 400 people, and the production reaches 7,000 vehicles per year . But only half of them go on sale under private labels.

One motorhome is built not longer than 1.5 days , but it is worth emphasizing that apart from the chassis and the cabin from Fiat Ducato, all the elements of the motorhome are manufactured on site, including approx. 250-300 pieces of furniture. All elements of the camping body part are also manufactured on site.

It can be safely said that Carado made good use of its first 10 years of existence, creating a strong and recognizable brand, despite (or maybe because?) That its vehicles did not aspire to the category of luxury cars. However, strong competition means that in order to continue to develop equally dynamically, the brand must stand out with something. Will the anniversary edition of the T model help in this?

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Perfect10 T - birthday candy for customers

The Perfect10 T is a semi-integrated low-roof model that stands out from the outside with champagne colors and small details, including a badge indicating a unique edition. Inside, attention is drawn to upholstery with elements of natural leather . This version is also distinguished by elegant fronts of ventilated upper cabinets. As a result, the jubilee edition looks more elegant, although it is difficult to talk about any changes in terms of functionality.

Inherent elements of the Perfect10 T version are also the Emotion and All-in-one packages (offered as an option also outside the anniversary edition). While the former is only a stylistic package, the latter includes a rack for four bikes and a 19-inch TV with a Teleco Flatsat Classic antenna. The manufacturer estimates the value of these allowances at over PLN 8,000. euro, but as a birthday gift, we will pay "only" half of this price.

Perfect in three versions

You can choose the Perfect10 T version when you buy only three models: 135 , 447 and 449. The first of these variants is the shortest - it measures 598 cm in length . Two people can sleep on a double bed (with an indentation on the aisle side). The bathroom with shower is located at the rear of the cabin. Next to it there is a place for a wardrobe.

Against this background, the 447 variant looks much more impressive, but no wonder, since the length of this vehicle is 743 cm . This motorhome can accommodate up to five people, which is possible thanks to an additional bed mounted under the ceiling. There is also a shower cubicle on the opposite side of the toilet - from both of these parts we can distinguish a relatively large bathroom part. The kitchen has a comfortable L shape.

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