A water motorhome - an alternative to a yacht

A water motorhome - an alternative to a yacht – main image

Have you heard about water-campers? Water campers allow you to travel by boat and a motorhome or caravan parked on board at the same time!

The Germans call them variously - "Hausboot", "WasserCamper" or from the English "WaterCamper". While the hausboot can take the form of a house on a boat, water campers are more like ferries with space for a camper or caravan .

It is a great alternative to a yacht. People who would like to spend time on the water but have their own camping vehicle can take advantage of this by installing it on board. In such a situation, a camper or caravan will become a comfortable cabin with all amenities.

In a camper van to the Mecklenburg Lake District

Water motorhomes have become especially popular in the Müritz region. The Mecklenburg Lake District is the largest area of neighboring (and mostly interconnected) lakes in Europe. It also connects to the southern waters of Brandeburgia . It takes just over 2 hours to drive from Szczecin to Müritz (Waren), so the distance for the inhabitants of Poland (especially from the north-western part) may turn out to be very attractive.


In the vicinity of Lake Müritz, and probably also at other reservoirs in the region, we can find at least a few motorhome rentals. Usually, you only rent a boat, but it is also possible to rent a boat with a caravan already mounted on it .

Park your RV in the boat

According to the information provided on the website of one of these rentals (Mueritzboot.de), a motorhome parked on a boat can be a maximum of 8 meters in length and weighing up to 4.5 tons . In the case of trailers up to the limit of 8 meters, the drawbar is not included, and the maximum weight may be 2.8 tons.

When placed on a boat, the motorhome is firmly attached to the wooden floor. The entire installation takes about an hour, but during this time the motorhome is also connected to the on-board power source, thanks to which we have a guaranteed 12V power supply . When the barge is moored, the batteries will be automatically charged. There are gas and sewage tanks under the boat deck, with gray water flowing from the camper to the deck container. The cassette toilet can also be emptied into the waste water tank at any time.


In addition, the boat is equipped with many amenities, such as LED navigation lighting, GPS, echo sounder, camera with a screen , navigation, or a CD radio. And if we choose a "barge" with a trailer mounted on it, we will also have a TV with DVD and satellite channels at our disposal.

Without a license

Sailing a motorhome is quite easy and does not require any license . The boat is equipped with with a 30 HP or 60 HP outboard. Especially the latter should ensure the flexibility of the motor yacht. Combined with the comfort of a motorhome, we can expect a very comfortable rest.

It is also worth knowing that as long as we do not exceed the permissible load, there can be up to 12 people on board. The boats are wheelchair accessible. There are also no restrictions on taking your dog on board.


What are the prices like? Depending on the season, the rental of a boat in the above-mentioned rental company ranges from EUR 599 to EUR 1699 per week , and whether we come with our own motorhome or choose the "on-board" trailer option will have little impact on the price.

If you like this idea for relaxation, for additional information, please visit the websites of example rentals (in German):

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