ADRIA ALPINA trailer - one model, many possibilities

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Alpina is the Adria brand's most luxurious family of caravans. In 2013, the series was refreshed, which, according to the manufacturer, made it even more innovative. What can we really expect from the new Alpina?

At the beginning, it is worth making a small caveat. Alpina Alpina uneven, because the caravan with that name can be both 760 and 937 cm long . However, the differences lie not only in the sizes and layouts of the interior. In different versions, different elements of equipment were used - so in one Alpina we can find a different washbasin or shower mixer than in the other.

Lots of space for a large family

In the revised, more aerodynamic body, the front and rear walls are made of polyester. Also new to the exterior are LED rear lights . The trailer uses a reinforced ALKO / BPW chassis with shock absorbers and AKS stabilizer.

The advantage of Alpina is its capacity - in some versions, the number of beds can be increased up to 9 . With standard equipment, there are beds for up to 7 people. Less spectacular advantages are, for example, a separate socket for a TV antenna and a large 190-liter refrigerator.

Each version of the trailer has a bathroom with toilet and shower. The glass washbasin and cabinets covered with mirrors, available in some variants, may be particularly attractive.

Live on the third floor

There are seven variants of the trailer. Consider the medium-length version. The Alpina 663 PT model measuring 845 cm (internal length is 663 cm) is interesting because it has 3 levels of single beds . Additionally, there are two double beds. In total, 7 people can sleep in the caravan, and none of them should complain about the lack of space.

The kitchen in the 663 PT model has a serial layout, and what distinguishes it is a fully-fledged gas cooker (4 burners) with an oven . It looks exactly like the free-standing gas cookers known from apartments. Noteworthy are the cabinets with shelves that can be conveniently pulled out to the outside.

The trailer is equipped with a 50-liter water tank and even water underfloor heating . The standard is also water heating, a cooker hood, and a touch panel that allows you to control the devices. The manufacturer has provided space for two gas cylinders. For an additional fee, you can order, among others microwave oven. Unfortunately, we will not receive a sewage tank without an additional payment.

In running order, the trailer weighs 1750 kg. Additionally, it can be loaded with up to 2000 kg. In Germany, the 663 PT version costs about 28 thousand. euro.

Many different arrangements

The equipment of other versions is very similar, but the larger models boast more space for relaxation and a bathroom almost the entire width of the vehicle . It is also possible to divide the motorhome into two rooms with the help of folding doors.

The 743 HT version with four single beds looks interesting in this respect. In this case, after closing the door between the two parts of the cabin, two passengers gain access to two beds and a bathroom, and the other two gain access to two beds and a kitchen, which is located on the front wall of the caravan.

This diversity means that everyone should find an interior layout that will meet their expectations.

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