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The range of Adria motorhomes is constantly expanding. The Slovenian company focuses on comfort, practicality and new, shorter layouts, which was reflected in the latest offer presented at the fair in Dusseldorf.

The offer of the Adria brand has long belonged to the rich. But in the 2020 season there will be even more versions available! There will be new, this time shorter versions of the Sonic, Coral, Matrix and Coral XL models. A new version of the Compact model was also presented.

Looking for new solutions

Adria's motorhomes have been redesigned in the last few seasons, so it can be said that they have not gotten old yet. And yet, there are changes and additional versions every season!

The 2020 offer includes the luxurious Tourer Sonic (integrated), the versatile and stylish Matrix (referred to by the manufacturer as a "crossover"), the Coral (semi-integrated) with an innovative lounge and panoramic roof, the capacious Coral XL (with an alcove), and now also completely the redesigned Compact range .

In 2020, Adria also introduces new models of Twin Axess campervans - built on the Citroen Jumper model, and also adds a new, multifunctional campervan based on Renault Trafic - Active MPC . The new vans are built on the improved chassis of Fiat, Citroen and Renault with the latest Euro 6 engines.

The new Compact series

The Compact series are real urban motorhomes with compact dimensions. In the latest incarnation of this model, the manufacturer resigned from the sliding rear wall that was available until recently. Still, the Compact Supreme and Plus models are comfortable vehicles built on the Fiat Ducato, while the basic Axess variant is based on the Citroen Jumper.


The hallmark of each Adria Compact is the large panoramic sunroof at the front of the vehicle. The two-part bathroom with a movable wall (Duplex), which can be easily transformed into a shower cabin, also draws attention. Thanks to this solution, the toilet part takes up less space, providing sufficient comfort in a fairly small motorhome.

Modern furniture with high-gloss fronts and new upholstery patterns with eco-leather inserts also attract attention. The impression of chic is also emphasized by the atmospheric LED lighting .

In total, Adria offers 3 systems of the Compact model in each model line, so "stubbornly" we can talk about 9 variants. The body is quite narrow (2.12 m), but available in three lengths - 5.99 m, 6.79 m and 6.99 m . The longest version provides four places to sleep, the shorter versions will provide accommodation for three people.


Shorter interior layouts

New for the 2020 season are several shorter interior layouts in four series. According to the manufacturer, shorter cars provide better driving characteristics and flexibility of use, without sacrificing comfort in the living area.



This line presents two new short layouts: 600 SL and 600 SC with a perfectly fitted, compact bathroom and a spacious interior. In the 600 SC model, the free space around the bed is as much as 45 cm.

The Matrix


Here Adria proposed four shortened layouts: 600 SL, 600 SC, 600 SP, 600 DT and 520 ST. The 600 SL and 600 SC models are equipped, like the Compact, with a duplex bathroom. The new 600 SC is equipped with an electrically lowered central bed, which allows you to move freely inside this small vehicle during the day.


In this range, the manufacturer decided to use the new 600 SL system in the Plus and Axess models, installing a Duplex bathroom.

Coral XL


The new 600 DP system in the Plus and Axess models, apart from the compact bathroom, is also distinguished by a sleeping place for six people.

Who would like to see the wide range of Adria and get more information about the presented models, can visit Elcamp - a distributor of Adria motorhomes and caravans in Poland.

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