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When the Affinity brand debuted at the European fair in January 2020, hardly anyone thought that it would win the hearts of customers in Scandinavia, Germany and other European countries by storm.

Although behind the project are the names of the fathers of another significant Polish brand (Jacek Jaskot and Norbert Adamczewski), by creating a new vehicle, in many respects they entered new ground and presented an innovative approach to many technical issues. Behind the new project is the Swedish tycoon KABE - a manufacturer of top-class caravans and campers for the most demanding.

Compact on the outside, big on the inside


From the outside, Affinity's original modifications are visible - the sides of the standard "tin" bodywork have been widened by a few centimeters on each side, and a large panoramic window has been located in the "cap" above the cab. The base of the motorhome can be a Peugeot Boxer with a 2.2 liter 165 HP engine with a manual gearbox or a Fiat Ducato with a 2.3 liter 160 HP engine with an automatic transmission.

The "compactness" of the structure is confirmed by the car's dimensions - 636 cm long, 280 cm high and 210 cm wide, as it turns out, it is enough to create a fully functional house on wheels , which at the same time will not cause difficulties during road maneuvers. Campervans are becoming for many people an alternative to moving around on a daily basis. This eliminates the need to have a second passenger car, and allows you to transport 4 people, large purchases or a business trip at any time without the need to book an overnight stay.

Two interior layouts


While other manufacturers compete in building an extensive offer that meets the particular tastes of each client, multiplying the layouts and presenting long lists of options, Affinity has chosen a simple model. The offer includes two models that differ only in the configuration of the beds. Regardless of the variant, 4 people can travel by campervan . In the back there is a French bed on which 2 people can sleep comfortably. In the front, a third and a fourth "sleep" can be ordered as an option in the form of a well-thought-out bunk bed. Its upper floor is secured by a railing on the side.

But let's go back to the bed at the back - we have the option to manually raise the headboard (this allows you to move the bed back and increase the space in the kitchen) and an original, smoothly operating electric winch for the entire bed. This allows for the transport of, for example, two full-size bicycles in the garage.

The L-shaped kitchen, unique among campervans, will probably be appreciated by everyone - next to a 2-burner stove and a large sink, there is a lot of work space on the counter - it is by no means obvious in this class of cars! The sanitary module is located at the back and adjoins the double bed - we have a shower, toilet and foldable washbasin here. The space under the roof around the vehicle was perfectly used - we can find here many cabinets in attractive colors for all personal luggage and luggage.

As standard "richly"


By choosing the Affinity campervan, we get a premium brand car, perfectly insulated and well-equipped. The standard equipment includes the efficient Truma Combi 4E heater, a lithium-ion battery with LifePO4 technology with a capacity of up to 120 Ah, roof windows in the kitchen and bathroom with electric fans, blinds for the cab windows and even a wireless phone charger. The interior lighting, or rather the scenes that we are able to achieve, also looks great - the intensity of the lighting will be adjusted to the needs of the moment, regardless of whether we are preparing a meal, reading a book or wanting to rest with an unobtrusive ambient glow.

The list of additional equipment is not long and includes, among others alternative heating sources (eg Truma diesel fuel), awning, automatic side door closing, roof air conditioning or solar panel up to 360W. Just as the choice of interior layouts is limited, so is the decor and upholstery inside. The manufacturer is limited to one, attractive and in line with contemporary trends proposition.

As we know, tastes are not discussed - during the fair in Düsseldorf, we had the opportunity to take a close look at the vehicles and talk to the company's president, Jacek Jaskot - our editors are completely convinced by both the design and the entire spectrum of technical solutions. The rightness of the chosen direction is evidenced by the fact that two years ago the Affinity brand was not present on the industry map of the world, and today its creators have to face considerable demand and meet the expectations of over 440 items per year.

The seat of the Affinity RV sp. Z oo factory is located in Ozorków, so far the dealer network covers many countries of Western Europe, and in Poland, campers with the Affinity logo can be ordered from Campery Wadowscy. We hope to know the official price list for our home market soon. As local patriots, we keep our fingers crossed for the development of the brand and we are sure that it will surprise us with innovative solutions and prestigious awards.

We invite you to see our video presenting the motorhome and to visit the manufacturer's website:

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