Landstar - a holiday under the sign of a star

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The British brand Lunar has been involved in caravanning for over 45 years. The company started with the production of caravans, but in our opinion, today it is much more distinguished on the market by interesting motorhome models.

Lunar can surprise you, which it proved a few years ago when it launched a campervan based on the Nissan NV200 Combi ( we wrote about it here ). This is one of the few, if not the only one in the world, example of using this model in caravanning on a large scale.

Nissan is still on the company's lineup, but is now complementary rather than the basis. The base of the offer, apart from caravans, are today Landstar models, for which the base is the Mercedes Sprinter.

Comfort for two

Customers can choose from four basic variants of the Landstar, with slightly different starting prices. All models have the same dimensions. The total length is 712 cm, width is 199 cm. Inside, without bending the legs, a person measuring 192 centimeters can fit, which is an exceptionally good result.

The maximum permissible total weight of each Landstar in its basic version is 3.5 tonnes. The maximum load capacity, however, does not knock down competitors on the shoulders - it is 250 kg, and this despite the fact that Lunar prides itself on the continuous reduction of the weight of individual elements and the honeycomb body.

Unlike many European manufacturers, Lunar does not try to stuff as many sleeping places as possible into the interior of its cars. Only two adults will find accommodation in each Landstar. If the parents want to take their children with them, they must sleep with them.


Different interiors

Particular models differ from each other in terms of the interior layout. The Landstar EWS has a bathroom (with a rounded shower tray) at the rear of the vehicle, while the main part of the Mercedes is occupied by folding beds on both sides of the motorhome. There is a place for a kitchenette between the sitting area and the relatively spacious bathroom.

For comparison, in the RL version, the center of the motorhome is occupied by a kitchenette with a large top, and on the opposite side there is a bathroom with a shower tray (this time almost square). The beds went to the rear of the cabin.

Nice standard

For users, the parameters on which everyday travel and functioning while stationary depend are no less important. It is therefore worth knowing that the fuel tank will fit 75 liters of diesel oil, the fresh water tank will hold 70 liters, and the waste water tank has a capacity of 35 liters. The refrigerator will hold supplies with a capacity of 95 l.

In the equipment, let's pay attention to the kitchen, which in the cheaper version will have 3 gas burners, and the more expensive version will also have a fourth electric burner, oven and grill. As standard, however, we will receive a microwave oven and an extended worktop, as well as heating and a Truma water heater.

Elements such as solar panels require the choice of a higher version, but it is worth noting that Mercedes, as you would expect from this brand, already comes standard with "rich". The basic version includes elements such as cruise control, hands-free kit with Bluetooth system, electric window control, on-board computer and alloy wheels.

The car is covered by a 3-year warranty, regardless of mileage. The prices of Lunar motorhomes start from 52 thousand. pounds.

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