Hymer and other stars during Caravan Salon 2015

Hymer and other stars during Caravan Salon 2015 – main image

The last Caravan Salon 2015 fair was held at the Hymer stand under the slogan of strengthening cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz factory. So the one for whom a motorhome is to be synonymous with comfort and safety was not disappointed.

The history of cooperation between the two companies is long, because the first Hymermobil made its debut in 1971. It was then based on the legendary Mercedes-Benz L 508 D chassis and was the first example of a luxury house on wheels with a length of almost 8 meters in the caravanning industry (in Europe). The luxury S-Class models have been based on the Sprinter since the mid-1990s. Over the years, there have been more and more varieties of motorhomes of different lengths, but for off-road fans a typical integrated with the Hymer logo did not guarantee the desired bravery in the field.

This year's fair was different, because in addition to forward-looking concepts and popular classics, a fully integrated 4x4 motorhome was presented in the 5000 square meter exhibition space.

Hymermobil ML-I

This is the first such proposal in the segment of fully integrated motorhomes, although all-wheel drive is available as an option. The motorhome is based on the Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI chassis (95 KW / 129 HP). To start the all-wheel drive, just press a button - then the 4ETS electronic traction control system comes into play. In 4x4 mode, the torque distribution between the front and rear axles is 35:65.


Similarly, the 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission is optional, instead of the 6-speed manual transmission, which ensures efficiency, work culture and driving comfort at the level of a passenger car. The standard, on the other hand, includes an innovative system that improves travel safety. It is Crosswind Assist, which keeps the motorhome on the right track during strong crosswinds or gusts caused by overtaking (e.g. a column of trucks). The system is activated together with ESP at speeds above 80 km / h, braking the wheel and keeping the motorhome on the set track.

Racial integra

The production of 4x4 motorhomes will start in January 2016. The portfolio of models from the HYMER ML-I family includes the 540 variant with a length of 639 cm, 560/580 with a length of 699 cm, 620/630 with a length of 780 cm. All of them are based on 222 cm wide and 290 cm high buildings. All of them are homologated in the GVW class of 3500 kg or 4200 kg. Of course, they were adapted to the conditions of winter caravanning, incl. insulating water tanks. A powerful battery (95 Ah) ensures reliable starting in winter. Autonomy of parking without the 230 V connection is guaranteed by an equally powerful parking battery.

From the outside, motorhomes do not differ much from the rear-wheel drive versions, but in the Hymer catalogs you can find a photo where the spare wheel is racially attached to the rear wall of the HYMER ML-I body.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

A motorhome based on a V-Class body is also a very exclusive result of the joint design offices of Mercedes-Benz and Hymer. The V-Class is a proposition based on Mercedes vans for people looking for a really large and comfortable van. The aforementioned project concerned the personalization of the serial model with the use of bodywork modules, the configuration of which is to guarantee full flexibility in the arrangement of the interior of the vehicle. The modular system can instantly turn a serial car into a lounge, a full-fledged place for business meetings, and a campervan for weekend trips out of town.


Internal modules are attached to standard rails. The cubic shapes of the furniture were developed in cooperation with specialists from TECHNOFORM and the famous Studio Syn design office.

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