Auxiliary heating in the car

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You associate this feeling when you leave home in the morning or late from work, you want to get in your car and start driving as soon as possible, and here a thick layer of frost is waiting for you to scrape off all the windows. Anyone who doesn't keep their car in an insulated garage knows it all too well, but you don't have to do it anymore! Why?



Today I will describe to you what heating I used in my car, i.e. the VW T6 built by . Apart from the fact that our car is a very functional motorhome, it is also the car that I use every day for driving in the city.

A parking heater is a very clever device that can be fitted to any car, regardless of its use, brand, type of engine or age. We mainly distinguish between two types of parking heating - wet and dry, but we have described it in more detail in the article " What kind of parking heater for a car ".

Air (dry) parking heater

For my VW T6 I chose the next generation Airtronic D2 heater from Eberspaecher as I already had the previous model fitted to my other car and was very pleased.


The huge difference between the new generation D2 heating and its predecessor (produced until the end of 2018) is a significant reduction in the noise level of its operation. The heating of the new generation is much quieter and reportedly more economical in terms of fuel consumption. It's hard for me to say if this is the case because it is so small that after repeated use, the fuel level indicator did not even move.

Diesel parking heater

The great advantage of the Eberspaecher Airtronic D2 heater is that it is fed with diesel fuel directly from the fuel tank. Thanks to this, there is no problem with the availability of fuel needed to power the stove, because we can buy it at every gas station around the world, which, unfortunately, we cannot say about gas heating. There is also no need to install a complicated gas installation, which must be checked regularly for tightness.

Heating control from a smartphone

In the previous car, I controlled the heating with a remote control, thanks to which I could also program the heating operating times. Overall it worked very well, but the car had to be at the right distance from the pilot - which is best in sight ...


When I was at home and the car was standing in the area, it was not a problem, but when I went to the mountains, not knowing when I would come back to program the heating on at the right time, there was already a problem.

Fortunately, Eberspaecher introduced such a solution as the Easy Start Web controller, which allows me to fully control the heating from anywhere in the world, regardless of the car's position.

In the application, I can:

  • see what is the current temperature in the car,
  • switch heating or ventilation on and off
  • set the appropriate temperature
  • program a weekly schedule for switching the ventilation on and off - it is a great convenience.

The only thing I miss about this feature is the ability to control the heating from inside the car using an additional control panel, which is normally fitted without the Easy Start Web feature. I only found out that it was a matter of a short time and it would be possible to add such a control panel to the Easy Start Web controller.

Such an additional control panel will be useful in the event of a discharged or lost phone to be able to take full advantage of the heating. At the moment, I only have an on / off button installed, which turns on the heating with the last temperature used, but it can no longer be controlled.

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