What kind of parking heater in the car?

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In the autumn and winter period, as well as at the beginning of spring, heating the car is extremely important. In turn, on a hot day, there is nothing worse than riding in the "sauna". The parking heater is a solution to this type of problem.

Unfortunately, when using factory solutions, you have to wait quite a long time for the car's cabin to reach the desired temperature. However, there is a way out! After installing an independent heating system in a passenger car or van, the interior of the car can provide us with greater comfort, regardless of the weather conditions outside. It is worth finding out what possibilities we have in this regard.

Air and water heating

Heating can be divided into air (also known as dry) and water heating. The operation of the air is based on sucking in cool air, heating it by a special unit, and then moving the warm mass to the inside of the cabin. The entire system is activated when the unit is started.


The blower draws cool air from the cab and then passes it through the entire system. It goes to a special heat exchanger, from where it is directed to the vehicle cabin. In this case, only the interior of the vehicle is heated, without the engine. This type of heating is often used in buses or trucks.

Water heating is, in turn, an element mounted under the hood of the car in the engine compartment. The unit is connected to the engine's coolant circuit. Its task is to heat the fluid circulating through the system. As a result, the engine temperature rises and the heat generated in this way is directed to the ventilation system and the interior of the vehicle thanks to the cab heater. The air blows out through the car's ventilation grilles, e.g. in the pit.

In this way, the parking heater becomes a source of heat flowing to the passenger compartment and, at the same time, a heating system for the engine. The hot water circulating in the circuit heats the engine and its components, thanks to which, even in very low temperatures, there is no problem with starting the car. As a result, we reduce the so-called "cold starts", which have a huge impact on the durability of the engine - a hot engine means better oil flow, and therefore more effective lubrication.


The undoubted advantage of water heating is that it provides a relatively fast increase in temperature inside the car. It is especially useful during frosty mornings, when, with standard heating, it is necessary to wait a long time for the coolant temperature to reach the appropriate value and warm air to come out of the air vents. Its advantage is also the possibility of defrosting the windows in the vehicle before getting into the car. This will save us the time needed to scrape windows and clear snow from the vehicle.

In addition, the unit does not need much fuel to warm up, thus saving money. It is also an ecological product, because the engine does not emit more exhaust gases during start-up, which means that the amount of harmful substances released into the environment is significantly reduced.

What to consider when choosing a parking heater?

When looking for an auxiliary heater that will also heat the engine of your car, it is worth paying attention to the Hydronic S3 by Eberspächer . It is a powerful, efficient, quick-acting and environmentally friendly device that will keep the car interior warm on cold mornings without causing the windows to fog up. In addition, the preheated engine will be protected against the excessive wear associated with a cold start, while reducing pollutant emissions.

If you just want to heat the interior of the vehicle, pay attention to the Airtronic heater . Eberspächer's air heating systems are independent of both the engine and the thermoregulation of the vehicle itself. They can be mounted in the cabin as well as in the luggage compartment or under the floor.

Airtronic is available in several variants depending on the fuel used and the heating capacity of the device. Versions from 2 to 5 kW are available, fueled by diesel or gasoline. The larger the cubature we have to heat, the more heating we will need.

Worth knowing

Although the parking heater does not require an additional battery, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the heating system increases the power consumption. This is especially important in the case of water heating, which is less energy-efficient than air heating.

In the former case, the battery has to supply additional fans in the car, which will distribute the heat inside the vehicle. This should be taken into account when selecting the duration of continuous operation of the heating.

Smartphone controlled parking heater


Mobile heating control is still new. Thanks to the EasyStart Web app recommended by Eberspächer, the auxiliary heater can be started at any time, regardless of the location of the driver or vehicle. This means that the device can be freely controlled, just as if you were inside it. Using the EasyStart Web application on a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or PC, we can remotely turn on your parking heater with one click.

How it's possible? The Internet server receives a signal through the application, which uses the GSM network to deliver it to the receiver. The application is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Thanks to the remote control from anywhere, we no longer have to scrape the windows and drive the car in a thick jacket until the interior of the car warms up. In addition, the windows do not fog up, which results in a much better view of the road.

Pre-travel vehicle airing function

The pre-trip airing function is ideal for warmer weather conditions. How it's working? The airing of the vehicle is the reduction of the temperature difference between the interior of the car's cabin and its surroundings.

When the temperature in the shade reaches 30 degrees on a summer day, the temperature difference between the outside environment and the cabin can be as much as 25 degrees Celsius, and getting into a car in such conditions is like entering a sauna. When you turn on the ventilation function with the EasyStart Remote + remote control or the EasyStart Web application on your smartphone, you communicate with the parking heater installed in the car. After about 15 minutes, the temperature inside the car is similar to the outside temperature. Air conditioning then starts slowly, without excessive blowing force, and our health is safe.

So if you are looking for the optimal heating for your passenger car, you will surely like modern solutions from Eberspächer.

More information on available parking heaters from Eberspaecher can be found on the manufacturer's website www.eberspaecher.pl


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