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The Spanish brand Benimar is increasingly flexing its muscles in almost every segment of the camper market. Modern design and excellent value for money are the main arguments for buyers. Recently, we have paid a lot of attention to the winter versions of Northautokapp - read here: BENIMAR Northautokapp - Spanish temperament in its winter version .

Today we present to you two new integrated models, new for the upcoming season - the Amphitryon 983 and 961 models. In Greek mythology, Amphitryon is the grandson of the hero Perseus, but in common tradition this character has become a symbol of hospitality. Borrowed from the French "amphitryon", from the text of Molière's comedy "Amphitryon", it is used to describe a hospitable master of the house, a host who generously entertains guests. And indeed, after crossing the threshold of these two exclusive campers, we can feel like we are in the cozy home of a generous host.

A common feature of both new camper models is a spacious bathroom with a separate shower cabin, basket and towel rack. Moreover, these are the only versions in the manufacturer's range equipped with windows in bathrooms.

Aphitryon 983 – a unique arrangement for 5 people


The new Amphitryon 983 is 699 cm long and can accommodate up to 5 people (that's how many seat belts and sleeping places we can order). The living room consists of a large "L"-shaped sofa placed longitudinally in the direction of travel, two swivel airline seats and an additional seat to the right of the entrance.


The Integra with a raised bed at the front also has an unusual arrangement at the rear. At the top there is a large wardrobe for clothes. Below there is a garage which, after minor modification, allows us to create an additional bed. The structure of the building is practically free of wood, and the insulation is extruded polystyrene ( XPS ) - the best solution currently used.

The dimensions of the raised bed at the front are 190x140 cm, while at the rear it is 131x203 cm. The optional sleeping area for a fifth person measures 74x191 cm.

Amphitryon 961 – a family classic


The second model, Amphitryon 961, is designed for 4 people and has an identical length with a different interior layout - one could say more "classic". The rear bedroom has two single beds . They are placed quite high, and access to them is made easier by a retractable step. There is a wardrobe for clothes (hangers) under the left bed. Interestingly, through the doors inside the vehicle we also gain direct access to the garage.


The front lounge consists of a couch placed transversely to the direction of travel, a fold-out table, swivel driver and passenger seats, and an additional seat near the entrance. Above the living room there is a fold-down bed measuring 190x149 cm. The kitchen in this model is not the largest, but in addition to cabinets and drawers, we get a 3-burner stove with a piezoelectric igniter, a sink and an absorber. A refrigerator with a capacity of 140 liters is standard in this class of vehicles.

Extensive standard equipment

In total, the Amphitryon range includes 5 models with lengths from 699 to 742 cm. All variants are offered on the basis of Fiat Ducato with a 140-horsepower engine and a manual 6-speed gearbox. It is possible to order a more powerful 180 HP version. Assessing the realistic load capacity of the above-described vehicles and taking into account their high curb weight (average approx. 3080 kg), it is definitely worth considering increasing the GVW to 4.4 tons. Then we won't have to worry about possible overloading.

The standard equipment includes a media station with Bluetooth, airbags, cruise control, AMS and ESP, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors and parking sensors. The recommended addition is the Delivery Pack with a reversing camera , solar panel and external LED lighting. Fans of winter travel should consider the Winter package, which includes ALDE heating, an insulated and heated gray water tank and insulating mats protecting the driver's cabin.

The authorized representative and service partner of the brand in Poland, ACK Benimar Polska from Kędzierzyn Koźle, will be happy to answer any questions related to Benimar vehicles.

ACK is also one of the largest stores with accessories, parts and caravanning equipment. Dealer website:

Currently available vehicle models:

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