BENIMAR Northautokapp - Spanish temperament in its winter version

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The Spanish brand Benimar has been present in the world of recreational vehicles for over 40 years, of which it has been operating for 20 years under the umbrella of the powerful Trigano manufacturing group. In Poland, it has been breaking sales records for many years.

Polish customers especially appreciate the unmatched value for money, and - which is of great importance - the fact that a large part of the offer is based on a base vehicle with low fiscal burdens, i.e. the Ford Transit with an engine with a displacement of less than 2 liters. The manufacturer's offer includes an extremely extensive range of interior layouts and varieties of bodies, from vans, through semi-integrated motorhomes, to integrated motorhomes.

The collection includes models:

  • Tessoro - a range of 11 versions of semi-integrated motorhomes based on the Ford Transit
  • Mileo - Ducato-based half-integrateds with different equipment levels on Base and Alfa versions
  • The Amphitryon (based on Fiat Ducato) are luxurious integrateds, we can find here five systems for 4-5 passengers
  • Sport - a total of 5 alcove systems (2 on the Fiat Ducato, 3 on the Ford) with lengths from 671 cm to 743 cm. The range of these vehicles even offers a model with 7 seat belts and a sleeping belt.
  • Benivan - vans based on Ducato, offered in as many as 8 layouts for 4 people to drive and 3/4 sleepers, vehicle lengths here are 541, 599 or 636 cm.

Building without wood


The elimination of wood from the construction of modern motorhomes has a significant impact on the durability of the structure and performance parameters. The framework of Benimar motorhomes is made of aluminum and PVC profiles, while the insulator is made of high-quality XPS foam . The joints are sealed with butyl tape and sealing compound, which provides a certain protection against both moisture and low temperatures. The thickness of the insulation in the walls is 29 mm, in the roof - 56 mm, and in the floor - 62 mm.

Northautokapp - uncompromising winter resistance

Among the wide range of additional packages and options for personalizing vehicles, Benimar offers one, in our opinion, particularly noteworthy. Models with the Northautokapp designation have the special advantage that they can withstand harsh winter conditions. Originally, they were supposed to be an offer for clients in Scandinavian countries, but now they are offered to clients all over Europe.

As part of the package, the manufacturer, depending on the model, offers a number of solutions complementing the standard equipment and factory-already decent insulation of the body.
In the case of Tessoro and Sport models based on Transit, which are the core of sales in Poland, deciding on a model with this marking, we gain:

  • reinforced engine with automatic transmission (170 horse power),
  • a media station with a 9-inch display,
  • Delivery Pack consisting of a reversing camera, a 140W solar panel, a system of internal curtains / roller blinds, LED daytime running lights,
  • heated and insulated gray water tank,
  • insulated entrance step,
  • thermal insulation mats for windows in the cab,
  • preparation for installation of an additional battery in the cab,
  • increased heating power (Webasto 5.5 kW, or Truma 6 kW with an additional electric heater and Inet Box control),
  • insulated external heating pipes,
  • a gray cab, 16-inch rims and a distinctive decor with the name of the Northautokapp version.

Very similar amenities as part of the package are offered for the Mileo and Sport models. In the case of the integrated Amphitryon, we get the ALDE heating system, which is undoubtedly the best possible solution for travels in all thermal conditions. An installation based on glycol and limiting the flow of heated air along with the possibility of heating the floor in the "traditional way" is the most comfortable solution.


Benimar is most often chosen in Poland by both rental companies and individual clients. Extensive standard equipment and additional personalization options are the main advantages of the brand.

The official representative is the ACK company from Kędzierzyn-Koźle. The company offers not only the sale and service of vehicles, but also one of the largest showrooms with camping parts and accessories in Poland - it is a partner of the German wholesaler, Fritz Berger.
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Currently available vehicles:

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