Benimar - the first choice for rental companies and more

Benimar - the first choice for rental companies and more – main image

In the motorhome landscape of Poland, the Spanish brand Benimar has gained special visibility and has become its inseparable element. Especially the Ford Transit-based half-integrators turned out to be the favorite choice of customers. About 4,000 recreational vehicles leave the factory every year. What influences the popularity of Benimar and makes the vehicles noteworthy? We invite you to read!

Bodywork - the key to durability


Almost 50 years of experience in the construction of recreational vehicles is a lot of luggage. During this time, the manufacturer has mastered every detail to perfection. The buildings do not contain any structural elements made of wood, which in turn translates into their durability and stiffness. Despite the "southern" pedigree, isolation is at a very decent level. The outer sheathing is a laminate of polyester resins, inside there is a core made of waterproof XPS foam . PVC profiles are used on the corner connections, and the sealing is provided by a hydrophobic sealing compound, butyl tape and aluminum profiles closing. Such a "sandwich" makes the structure insensitive to meteorological phenomena (eg hail) or impacts of branches, etc. The thickness of the walls is 29 mm, the roof - 56 mm, and the floors - 62 mm. And that's all as standard. The attractive design of the rear of the vehicle, as well as the quality of the flat windows used in the production, deserve attention.

Interior - bright, fashionable ... and neatly folded



The interior of Benimar is simply… fresh and modern. We can choose from various colors of upholstery and materials, which allows you to give the interior an individual character. The composition of light furniture, skylights and panoramic windows make the living space and the cockpit an extremely bright and cozy place.

There are no objections to the quality of assembly of the equipment, furniture and fittings - here the manufacturer has really done his homework and we are not bothered by squeaks and crackles from furniture joints while driving. The manufacturer offers many packages that increase the utility of vehicles. By far the best option in our latitudes is the NORTHAUTOKAPP package, which we wrote about HERE

A wide range of models with lower excise duty


The definite bestsellers and the most frequently seen models in Poland are motorhomes based on the Ford Transit. Due to the displacement not exceeding 2 liters, they are definitely cheaper than their Fiat Ducato counterparts. They have lively 170 horsepower engines - often in combination with a comfortable and proven automatic gearbox.

The Tessoro semi-integrated motorhome line includes as many as 11 models based on this base vehicle, ranging in length from the compact 634 to the substantial 743 cm. The offer also includes 3 versions of the alcove built on the Transit. Taking into account the good-quality bodywork, modern cockpit, the wealth of multimedia functions and the options of safety assistants that Ford gives us, we get a really well-configured package.

Benimar motorhomes - quality for years


The owner of the brand, the Trigano group, is responsible for the certified quality of production. This famous tycoon owns many of the leading brands in Europe. Benimar is ahead of many of the renowned German brands in terms of value for money, durability and value retention. Taking into account the low loss in value and the permanent development, the campers of this Spanish manufacturer are definitely a secure investment for years to come.

The network of authorized trade and service partners is constantly growing (currently 140 points in 25 countries on 5 continents).
The authorized representative of the brand in Poland is BENIMAR Polska - ACK company from Kędzierzyn-Koźle - more at

The current offer of the dealer's vehicles:

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