Warsaw Moto Show 2015 with camping accents

Warsaw Moto Show 2015 with camping accents – main image

Inhabitants of the central part of Poland finally had a real motor fair. Time will tell whether the event called the Warsaw Moto Show, organized in the new Warsaw Expo center, will actually turn out to be a competitor to the Poznań Motor Show. However, what could be seen on November 20-22 bodes well for the future.

The specificity of the Warsaw Moto Show is slightly different than the fair in Poznań. While in the capital of Wielkopolska, the exhibitors are largely manufacturers and main importers of cars of a given brand to Poland, in Nadarzyn near Warsaw, mainly dealers, second-hand shops of luxury cars or companies dealing with broadly understood tuning and vehicle renovation were exhibiting.

Something for everyone on wheels

The fair was located in three halls with a total area of 54 thousand square meters. m2. We were most interested in the car showroom - an exhibition with 70 exhibitors, including distributors of brands such as Mercedes (AMG models), Vokswagen, Honda, Toyota and Kia. In the same hall, there were caravanning companies .

However, the hall with oldtimers was also impressive, in which - according to official information - over 200 cars of various ages were gathered. Among them were both cars from the beginning of the automotive industry (e.g. Ford T), American road cruisers, as well as Warsaw, Polonez and Fiat 125 (including models that once took part in the Monte Carlo rally).

The third hall was intended for fans of motor sports , and sports supercars mixed with classic cars, and even with sporty tractor units.

There was no shortage of curiosities

The biggest events of the Warsaw Moto Show include the show of the Polish supercar Arrinera Hussarya (in the version intended for technical tests) and the presentation of the much less spectacular, but within the reach of more customers, Renault Talisman model (Laguna's successor).


In the part of the hall where the subject of camping was present, a tricycle called Sam was also shown, which is little known in Poland, although it was constructed and produced in our country. As the representative of the manufacturer told us, the car has an electric motor, the range of which is 100 km. The vehicle, which is distinguished by the doors that open upwards, is reportedly enjoying increasing popularity in Germany and Switzerland. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to convince Polish customers to Sam. Those interested can look at the manufacturer's website: friends-of-sam.com .

Caravanning representation

In the Camper Zone, one of the largest stands belonged to Benimar Polska , a distributor of Spanish Benimar tourist cars. Cars of this brand are produced on the basis of Fiat Ducato and - which is less typical - Ford Transit. The company's offer also includes Comanche small cargo trailers, and next year the Polish distributor intends to include caravans and vehicles of another brand in its offer. People looking for a business idea or wanting to expand the scope of their business may find it useful to know that Benimar is currently looking for dealers in various parts of Poland.

A large and interesting stand was held by the Everpol company, which in Nadarzyn showed both a rich set of camping utensils and accessories, as well as a Hobby motorhome and caravan. The presentation of a silver-wrapped BMW car with an amazing sound system also helped attract a lot of interest to the stand. Audio equipment is also one of the company's specializations.


Centrum Campingowe Kutno presented Hobby caravans at its stand, while the Polish manufacturer Globe Traveler presented Voyager, Pathfider and Explorer models. Two motorhomes (including one expedition) were shown by the EBAC brand (more commonly known as Ebacamp). The SmartCamp company also had its stand with modular caravans for passenger cars, which we wrote about in the article SmartCamp - clever solutions from Poland , as well as the "Polish caravaning" magazine.


But there were more camping accents. For example, in the hall with oldtimers you could see the Volskwagen T1, the so-called "Buli" with a trailer and an old-school Opel Kadett set with a restored Dutch Mostard Yvonne Benjamin trailer from 1968.

Surely, everyone who is interested in motorization or caravanning could find something for themselves during the Warsaw Moto Show. Therefore, we wish both the organizers and ourselves that the event will grow from year to year, attracting even more exhibitors and visitors. Especially since the beginning turned out to be quite good.

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