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The Compass brand is a reactivation of the old British brand, which was decided to revive by the Elddis company. From 2014, Compass will offer three caravans - Corona, Omega and the modern Rallye model, the appearance of which is still shrouded in mystery.

The Elddis group currently includes four brands - Elddis, Compass, Buccaner and Xplore . Compass is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest in this company, but like the caravans of other brands, it is based on the SoLiD ( Strong Light Dry ) construction, for which the manufacturer provides a 10-year tightness guarantee .

All the walls of the trailers are connected with each other by means of glue in such a way that they form a uniform structure. The number of holes has been reduced to a minimum. Thanks to this, the entire structure is stiff, and moisture has virtually no way to get into the nooks and crannies of the vehicles.

This, however, characterizes all Elddis caravans. What will the Compass Corona model stand out?

Beds without unfolding

Corona is the cheapest of the three models - by design it is a light and affordable caravan. It comes in four varieties.

The smallest one is Corona 462 , equipped with two separate beds and, what may be surprising in this case, it has a fairly large bathroom with an area of about 1/4 of the entire vehicle . The exact dimensions of the trailers have not been disclosed so far, but it is known that the weight of the 462 version will be 1,279 kg. Projected price is £ 15,499 .

The biggest advantage of Corona 540 is that it has three fixed beds (including one double), so you do not have to play with unfolding the sleeping places. The bathroom, although a bit smaller than in the 462, is larger than in many caravans from other brands. The upper cabinets are 30 cm deep. Version 574 looks very similar. What sets it apart is the four beds (single), and therefore a slightly smaller bathroom (but still not bad!).

Finally, there is version 576 , which, thanks to a bunk bed , a fold-out bed and two fixed beds, can accommodate up to six people. It happened at the expense of the bathroom - in this version it is by far the tightest. The price of such a family caravan is - same as for the 462 and 540 versions - £ 16,999 .

Microwave for everyone

The strength of the Corona is its standard equipment. In caravans, we rarely find a microwave oven as standard - but in Corona it is. In addition to the gas cooker, we also have an electric hob (800 W). The fridge with freezer is not huge, 110 liters should be enough when camping. The water heater has a capacity of 13 liters.

Heating can be operated with electricity or gas . The trailer is also equipped with a water pump and up to seven 230 V sockets. Corona can also be fitted with an oven with grill.

If we add the already mentioned separate fixed beds and large bathrooms with separate shower cubicles, it turns out that Corona is indeed an interesting proposition. This good impression slightly spoils the very traditionally furnished interior . In the new model of a well-equipped caravan, you might expect a bit of extravagance. Here, however, we have the classics enriched only with modern elements, such as LED lighting . From this it can be concluded that Compass was not necessarily intended as a model that would win the hearts of young people.

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