Burstner Lyseo 2017 - with and without alcove

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This year's novelty from the Burstner brand is ... a compact, semi-integrated camper with an alcove. Its appearance in the offer of the German manufacturer is the best proof that the twilight of motorhomes with a fixed bedroom over the heads of the driver and passenger has not yet come.

On the one hand, there is a growing interest in motorhomes, and on the other - motorhomes with fold-down beds. From year to year, however, there are less and less traditional tourist cars with an alcove. Now, however, lovers of such vehicles are given a new reason to be pleased.

We are happy that Burstner has released the A series and, importantly, its starting price is over PLN 4,000. Euro lower than in the case of the T series - without an alcove. On the other hand, among the T models, there are as many as 8 variants to choose from, and in the A series only two. This, in turn, may mean that models with an alcove are primarily to fill the price gap between the more economical Brevio model and motorhomes already costing over PLN 50,000. euro.

Lyseo T - with fresh ideas

The Lyseo T model will certainly be one of the most popular Burstner motorhomes in 2017. It is offered in popular lengths from 599 cm to 749 cm , and its prices start from approx. 52 thousand. euro . In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of many solutions that can boldly fight the competition.

The roof is made of hail-resistant GRP material , while GFK laminates are used in the floor structure. Wooden slatted frames are installed in the fixed beds, and 5-zone foam mattresses are placed on top of them. Among the attractions offered by this model, you can also mention two furniture colors to choose from and 34 color combinations of upholstery.

However, in our opinion, this is not what will attract customers the most. Buyers may like a completely flat, double floor with hidden installation components and storage compartments, as well as a high interior (205 cm) . However, the biggest hit may be the drop-down beds , which are located - not like in most motorhomes, above the heads of the driver and passenger - but in the middle of the vehicle.

An even more interesting solution was used in the T744 version (749 cm long) . In this variant, the drop-down bed was placed in the rear part of the vehicle. When we hide them in the headlining, we get a very spacious interior with a seating corner. While we're at it, it's worth mentioning a table on wheels that can be pulled out from under the couch , placed between the sofas, and then stowed away again. The most important thing, however, is that in this variant, the space in the vehicle is divided into a kitchen with a dining room, a living room with a seating corner and a pull-out bedroom on the "mezzanine". Isn't it clever?

Burstner Lyseo

Among other amenities, in Lyseo T we can find, among others L-shaped kitchen , large refrigerator (145 l), wide entrance door and a convenient external storage space for gas cylinders. It is also worth mentioning the bathroom - the space in it is not limited, for example, by the wheel arch housing, making the use of the shower very convenient.

A new feature is a removable, easy-to-repair worktop , as well as a set of high-class Bluetooth speakers that can be moved along the rail along the motorhome. We can use them where we are sitting.

Alcove - a bit poorer, but also cheaper

Theoretically, the models marked with the letter A are the same Lyseo, but with an alcove. In practice - the standard equipment is a bit poorer , e.g. you will not find an L type kitchen here, and the refrigerator has a capacity of 3 liters less. The most important difference is probably the lack of laminate in the floor structure. In both models, however, tanks for water and sewage of the same capacity and efficient heating Truma Combi 6 were used, and other elements of equipment mostly overlap.

The alcove is available in the 660 G variant - with bunk beds and at the rear of the vehicle , and 700 G - with a large, double bed at the rear. Of course, additional double beds are in the form of an alcove above the front seats. The height of the interior in this case is 198 cm . The strong point of both layouts is certainly the spacious garage .

Also the basic price - 47,790 euros can be an important argument for people who would like to have a new motorhome of a valued brand, but at a slightly lower price.

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