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Matrix is by definition the best of Adria's semi-integrated motorhomes. Only fully integrated models are above, and below five more economical motorhomes.

A spacious interior, comfortable sleeping places, L-shaped kitchens and good equipment - these are, according to the manufacturer, the characteristic features of all models from the Matrix series. It should be noted that the Matrix is not the same as the Matrix. There are three different series in the Matrix family - Matrix Axess, Matrix (just like that) and the largest - Matrix Supreme.

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Matrix Supreme

The manufacturer boasts that this model won the ADAC safety test among camping vehicles in 2011. The Alde heating system also performed very well in the tests.

Matrix Supreme comes in three varieties. Each bathroom and shower are located in one room, although there is quite a lot of space and you do not need to wet your feet in the paddling pool when using the toilet. Thanks to the folding bed, the smallest model can accommodate up to seven people . Unfortunately, the number of homologated driving seats is smaller - there are only four.

The equipment includes water underfloor heating and a heated waste water tank (85 l). The refrigerator has a capacity of 150 liters as standard. The standard is also a kitchen hood, clean water tank (100 l), and in the bathroom a shower is separated by a solid door and a separate shower faucet. In addition to underfloor heating, the equipment also includes the Alde Compact 3010 system. Electrically lowered beds should also be appreciated, and an oven with grill in the kitchen.

The Matrix Supreme, atypically, is based on the Renault Master car. The M687 L model is 7,760 cm long, the M667 PLC model measures 7,450 cm, while the M657 SF is the smallest - 6990 cm.

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The Matrix

The model marked as - simply - the Matrix is already based on the Fiat Ducato. It is available in four versions with a length of 6,919 cm, 7,356 cm and 7,370 cm (in two variants). All cars in this series have 5 homologated seats, and can sleep 5 or 6 people in them .

It is especially worth paying attention to the second longest model M 670 SC, which can be pleased with a completely separate shower cubicle and a door that allows you to divide the motorhome into two rooms.

The equipment is similar to the Supreme version, with the difference that the refrigerator is 190 liters , and underfloor heating is an option.

Matrix Axess

It is available in six variants of interior design and in four lengths - from 5949 cm to 7370 cm. It is supposed to be a slightly more affordable model compared to the other Matrixes. Here we will not find an oven as standard anymore, and the refrigerator can be 190 or 100 l. The wastewater heater requires an additional fee . The Truma Combi 4 system is responsible for heating.

The Matrix Axess is therefore a bit worse equipped as standard, although in this case it is hard to complain.

In Poland, Matrix Axess M 680 SL costs approx. 43 thousand. euro . We can have Matrix M 650 SK for 47.5 thousand. euro. The Matrix Supreme M 687 SL costs over 50,000. euro.

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