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The Live series (eagerly written by the manufacturer as L! VE) is one of the most important novelties of the Knaus brand for 2018. Under this name, there are semi-integrated motorhomes, with which the manufacturer wants to tempt young people and those who - regardless of age - are looking for their first motorhome. Will Live meet their awakened expectations?

Don't expect a revolution after the Live series. This vehicle will not overturn the caravanning market, but that is not its purpose either. Its purpose is: selling. The highest possible sale. Live is a motorhome from the semi-integrated vehicle range, and it is this market segment that has the greatest competition. The price pressure is enormous here.


Knaus does not want to compete with the cheapest brands, but in relation to, for example, Hobby, its price seems sensational. Knaus Live is available at a price of 49,999 euros (in Germany), while the prices of the competitive Hobby Optima start at over 10,000 euros higher. Regardless of the differences in construction and equipment, many customers will pay attention primarily to the price, which undoubtedly speaks in favor of Knaus.

Correct appearance, refined interior

From the outside, the Live model can be recognized by the characteristic, gray-blue veneer and by the diagonal rear lights (the so-called "cat's eyes") made in LED technology. Insightful people will also notice that there are no visible connections between the roof line above the driver's cabin and the camping bodywork - on each side the bodywork seamlessly connects to the body base without visible screws . It is worth mentioning that the roof is made of a hard GRP material , and access to the most important devices is possible from the outside - the manufacturer has placed them in the side wall (the so-called "service box").

But, as is the case with motorhomes, the interior is more interesting than the outer shell. The producer himself praises, among others easy-to-clean surfaces, soft-close drawers , zoned lighting and high-quality finishing materials. Among Live's distinguishing features, it is definitely worth mentioning a TV set hidden in a special, bottom cabinet , or window blinds, nicely suited to the windows.


Although the Live models do not belong to the large motorhome category, there is plenty of space in the interior. Patents such as a fold-out, additional countertop in the kitchen or a toilet with a sliding wall (along with a washbasin) help to make good use of the space, thanks to which we can cleverly enlarge the shower cubicle (and not splash the mirror!). We can access wardrobes placed under the beds from the side as well as from above. Just such apparent little things make us feel at home in the motorhome.

Live - version overview

Live is a whole group of models, which include Live TI, Live Wave and Live Traveler (alcove) motorhomes . The TI model is available in three different plans (590 MF, 650 MEG, 700 MEG). It offers up to four sleeping places and a spacious kitchen with a 142 liter fridge .

The 590 MF is a model with a double rear bed. The table can be extended, so that it can accommodate four people. An additional, fifth seat is available in the 650 MEG version. This model has two single beds in the rear.

The most spacious model is the 700 MEG , in which up to six people can feast at the table . This variant also has an additional, third wardrobe at the foot of the bed. In this motorhome we can find a very spacious bathroom, which the manufacturer compares with some exaggeration to a personal SPA.


Live Wave will be available in four variants (650 MG, 700 MEG, 650 MX, 700 MX). All versions have a few common features: spacious bathrooms, an extendable table (up to 10 people!), A large kitchen, refrigerator, and a drop-down bed in front . Up to six people can sleep in this model. The 650 MX and 700 MX variants have a queen-size height-adjustable (optional) bed in the rear. Passengers can access the bed from both sides.

On the other hand, the Live Traveler version - the alcove - is recommended by the manufacturer primarily to companies offering motorhomes for rent. It is with them in mind that Knaus proposed a version equipped with, among others, a sunshade, a bicycle stand, a CD radio, and even stickers as a kind of tutorial for beginner customers explaining how to use the motorhome correctly . The 600 DKG variant has bunk single beds at the back, which children will love.

Saving on what is invisible

So what was saved on? For example on the floor, which is made of plywood , and therefore will require maintenance. A certain consolation is the 10-year built-in warranty , which is to convince those who are afraid of wooden elements in the structure.

You have to pay extra, among others for a panoramic sunroof or space for a second gas cylinder . Well, when guided by a good price, it is worth bearing in mind that a lower price is never the result of the seller's good heart ...

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