Caravanning accents at the Motor Show 2017

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Three halls devoted entirely to motorhomes, caravans and tourist accessories as part of the Caravanning Salon are not all! The growing popularity of motorhomes in Poland is evidenced by the fact that such vehicles also appeared in the main part of the Motor Show, at the stands of brands such as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

The world's leading manufacturers increasingly want to show how versatile vehicles they produce. Models such as Mercedes Marco Polo or Volkswagen T6 California are to prove that there are cars that are comfortable in everyday use, and at the same time practical also during holiday trips.

Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon

The Mercedes Marco Polo Horizon had its premiere in Poznań. The factory-built Mercedes motorhome is distinguished by a lifting roof and the possibility of accommodating up to five people . The bed "in the attic" measures 2.05 x 1.13 m, and from the armchairs at the bottom you can fold a second sleeping place, measuring 1.93 x 1.35 m. Drawers for storing bedding are placed under the sofa.


However, while driving, there is room for up to seven travelers, although it depends on the options selected. You can order, for example, a three-seater bench in the rear and two swivel seats in the front, but other variants are also available - with four or five seats located behind the front driver and passenger seats. If we need to transport a bicycle or a surfboard, the rear seats can be easily removed .

Marco Polo Horizon prices start at around 166,000. PLN , while the model shown at the fair was valued at nearly 286 thousand. zloty. The exhibited specimen was equipped with a 2.1 engine with 190 HP. The Colossus accelerates to a hundred in 10 seconds, consuming an average of 6 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km. The showpiece was equipped with leather upholstery, an extensive multimedia system and automatic transmission.

Volkswagen T6 Baltica

Active leisure enthusiasts could find many tourist accents at the Volkswagen stand. The bright yellow Volkswagen T6 Baltica attracted attention. This vehicle combines the equipment characteristic of the most comfortable cars with tourist facilities.

And yes, in the interior of the car we could find, among others leather upholstery, as well as a game console and a large screen (hidden under the ceiling), perfectly visible to the rear seat passengers. When traveling in such a car, children will certainly not be bored. The more that there is a refrigerator between the seats, so you can reach for drinks and delicacies hidden in it.


At the back, there are various holders for sports equipment , thanks to which we can take a board, bicycle, skis at the same time on vacation ... - the amount of luggage space obtained is impressive. Baltica is equipped with a 4x4 drive, so you can get really far with this car. It is a pity that this is just a concept car, which is unlikely to go into series production.

Volkswagen Crafter as a motorhome

Fair visitors also flocked to the Volkswagen Crafter, transformed by the Polish company Ebac into a fully-fledged motorhome. An interesting fact is the bathroom with a shower cubicle located in the rear part of the cubicle . You can actually shower while enjoying the beautiful views - as long as we leave the rear door of the car open. At the back, we also have convenient access to the tanks and additional storage spaces (e.g. for folding chairs).


The shown specimen was very well equipped - in the interior designed for four people, you can find, among others, coffee maker, microwave oven , digital TV system, solar panels, awnings and much more. Unfortunately, the price quoted at the fair was for a Crafter without a camping unit and amounted to PLN 178,000. zloty.

The T6 California model once again appeared at the Volkswagen stand - with a lifting roof (similar to the Mercedes).

Taking into account the interest in camping versions of vehicles, owning a camper seems to be a dream of many Poles. The only obstacle to the fulfillment of this dream, however, is the gap between earnings and the price of RVs.

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