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Not every fan of motorhomes and caravanning browsing the Carthago brand offer realizes that its roots go back to recreational vehicles built on standard "tin plates". The development of this prestigious manufacture towards a liner-class car manufacturer recognized throughout Europe was preceded by a long period of development of solutions, mainly for vehicles from the VW group. Currently, as part of the Carthago stable, in addition to semi-integrated and integrated vehicles under the Malibu brand, a very popular range of as many as 11 models based on Fiat Ducato plates, with a length of 541 to 636 cm and a height of 259 cm, is offered. The differentiating factor is the interior color / design of the finish - from the standard, low- key VAN version to the bright and modern CHARMING / CHARMING GT version. Regardless of the vehicle layout, we have 4 places to drive and 2-3 places to sleep.


But why are Malibu " tin cans " so often chosen? Certainly, an important argument affecting the sales results is the baggage of experiences and solutions known from the brand - Carthago's mother.

The devil is in the details

The exterior of the Malibu can be liked - a bold design, round windows, embossing and accents as well as graphics in combination with a palette of 11 possible body colors give room for the individualization of our house on wheels.


The insulation of the floor and roof is made of a 2 cm layer of hard, closed-cell and waterproof foam, and the walls are tightly wrapped in polyurethane mats. The manufacturer's internal analyzes confirm that the thermal parameters place these vehicles at the forefront of this segment of vehicles.

As in the luxurious large Carthago motorhomes, the client receives a package of neatly folded furniture, in which the elements are joined twice - tongue / groove and additionally screwed. Covering the walls and ceiling with a breathable material with a layer of sound insulation practically eliminates the undesirable acoustic discomfort coming from the building while driving.

In addition to the 540 DB and 600LE low bed models, the others are equipped with a spacious 3-in-1 bathroom with a sliding / retractable toilet, which can be accessed through a sliding door.


In terms of "self-sufficiency", we have a 100 l clean water tank, 92 l for gray water and a substantial 80 Ah of energy on board. Depending on the model, the gas reserve can be from 2x5kg to 2x11l, the heart of the heating system can be Truma 4kW or the new 6E model with CP PLUS control.

In superlatives, the teams testing Malibu campervans write about the quality of mattresses and lighting. The lighting scenes and lighting of the kitchen or reading space are exemplary, and whoever chooses the Charming GT model will also be able to enjoy the amazing spatial impression of a panoramic roof window instead of a storage compartment above the driver's / passenger's seat.


The kitchen and storage compartments are the basis

In terms of functionality, the Malibu kitchen scores high marks in all tests - logically arranged, large drawers, 2 burners with an automatic spark gap, an extendable worktop and an 80-liter fridge on such a small space do not allow you to feel unsatisfied.


Practical and well-thought-out solutions for storing things, such as a drawer that pulls out from under the passenger seats, a wardrobe for clothes integrated in the post with a refrigerator, a storage compartment in the floor behind the driver's seat, or a practical tiltable and accessible from inside and outside the litter bin are features that demonstrate the creativity and practical orientation of the designers .

Certainty for years

The catalog weight of the heaviest Malibu models fluctuates in running order at the level of approx. 2,850 kg, which leaves a real load reserve with a GVM of 3,500 kg. The basic 120 HP power unit will handle the car without any problems, although a more powerful version with the new DUCATO automatic transmission would be the icing on the cake.


Regardless of the configuration, the vehicles produced in the Slovenian Malibu-Carthago factory are a very interesting proposition, and their DNA allows you to be confident about quality, long-term operation and relatively low loss of value at resale.

The distributor of Malibu and Carthago is DANDIS company from Dzierżoniów, which apart from selling vehicles also deals with servicing and selling caravanning parts and accessories .

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