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It is not the first time that people who want their motorhome to look ultra-modern inside should direct their eyes to Italian manufacturers. Caravans International has just launched a new model with an intelligent energy saving system, remote communication, and exactly - with furnishings like from interior design warehouses.

Up to two times a piece

Caravans International (the brand is also known as CI ) is Italy's largest motorhome manufacturer. Our daughter brand - Roller Team is better known here. Anyway, it is worth noting that the Triaca name was initially reserved for the prototype of the latter brand.

In 2015, the Roller Team presented an innovative motorhome, in which attention was drawn to such "goodies" as, for example, an electrically lowered table or an electrically raised footrest . The decorative cover of the cabinet, when removed, turned out to be an additional table, and the harmoniously lifted roof made the impression that we were dealing with a motorhome of the future.


The new model - the CI Triaca 32 XT - only partially refers to that prototype. And probably good - instead of "gimmicks", this time the focus was on practical solutions. And yet, on several points, the final design is consistent with the prototype.

Modern and practical

We can see similarities mainly in the interior layout itself, which is open. Even the producer himself describes it as "open space" . Due to the fact that there is no zoning, the interior appears more spacious.

Second, similar to the prototype kitchen . Interestingly, it was made of a special material - waterproof, antibacterial, temperature-resistant and easy to repair. It uses resin and - whatever that means - "nanotechnology". The big, 165-liter fridge with a separate freezer is definitely an advantage. Attention is also paid to the elaboration of details, e.g. appropriate compartments are provided for the removable covers of the sink. Contrary to the prototype, gas burners were used instead of an electric induction hob.


The third similarity - a bed that unfolds the entire width of the vehicle . It only takes a few moves to transform two sofas and the table between them into a large bed. A second sleeping place slides out from the ceiling and is lowered electrically above the lower bed. The beds are 1900 x 1370 mm and 2120 x 1460 mm.

It is enough to look at the photos to see that the interior has been designed in a style rather characteristic of apartments . Straight lines and delicate curves, bright colors, high gloss - this design makes the interior seem more spacious than it actually is, and because the white surfaces reflect the light, it is very bright in the motorhome.

A motorhome controlled by a smartphone

An important distinguishing feature of the Triaca model is the Lin Bus wireless communication system that uses Wi-Fi. This system allows you to control many on-board functions using an application on a smartphone or tablet. With his help, we can, among others control the interior lighting, the water pump, check the battery charge and the level of filling the tanks.

The motorhome is also equipped with an energy saving system that tries to optimize the energy consumption of the vehicle on an ongoing basis. For example, the interior lighting may dim when the batteries are low.

Less surprising, but no less practical is the use of a double floor . Thanks to this, there is more space in the motorhome for loading, and there is also space under the floor for on-board equipment, tanks, cables and pipes. The double floor is also better thermal and acoustic insulation .

The Triaca is based on a Fiat Ducato with a 2.3 engine with (optional) 130 HP, 150 HP and 180 HP. The length of the motorhome is 597 cm and the width is 231 cm. The permissible total weight is the traditional 3.5 tons, and the vehicle with standard equipment weighs 2,883 kg . The water and sewage tanks are 100 liters each. Unfortunately, the price of the motorhome is not known yet.

It is worth adding that regardless of what CI camper van we choose, we will always receive a 6-year warranty on the tightness of the body .

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