Citroën Spacetourer Rip Curl - a concept for active people

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Tourist versions of their vans are already offered by, among others, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. Could Citroën be joining them? Perhaps... The premiere of the Spacetourer Rip Curl model can be considered a one-off marketing campaign, but we can also think of it as an initial study of the campervan market.

Lewis Turner (48) and his daughter Ellie Turner (15) agreed to use their faces to brand Citroen's latest campaign related to the promotion of the Spacetourer Rip Curl model. So let's start with the family. Ellie had a clear knack for surfing from an early age. And since her father had a knack for traveling, he took his daughter all over the world to look for the best surfing spots with her. Traveling not only allowed them to see a lot of the world, but also helped the girl in her sports career. Ellie recently won first place in the UK Surfing Championships and is currently second in the European Junior Championships.

These two were perfect heroes and ambassadors for the promotional campaign organized by Citroën . Lewis and Ellie are not the polished models from advertisements, in the film they seem rugged and prepared to face the various obstacles that nature throws at them. But that's why they have a lot of authenticity in them, which may prove attractive to recipients, especially young ones who dream of independence and travel.

Van with off-road drive

Let's move on to the car itself, because it is supposed to be the real star of the event that Citroën is organizing together with the Rip Curl brand - a manufacturer of surfing equipment. Citroën SpaceTourer in the Rip Curl version received a 4x4 drive prepared by the French company Dangel . According to the manufacturer, Citroën Spacetourer Rip Curl Concept "provides users with high driving comfort in off-road conditions, regardless of the circumstances." This is possible thanks to the increased ground clearance compared to the production version and the integrated four-wheel drive. Pössl, a camper manufacturer with 30 years of experience, took care of the camping facilities .

From the outside, the SpaceTourer is distinguished by its two- or rather three-color body. From the top it is khaki, from the bottom it is beige, and this zone is crossed by a strip of intense yellow. This multi-colored design is said to refer to the style of buses used by surfers, while the colors themselves indicate an attachment to the colors of the earth .


Up to seven people can travel inside (including the driver), but not everyone will find a place to sleep. Citroën will accommodate only four people . Two of them can use flat-folding seats, the other two can use a mattress placed under the raised roof.

The Citroën Rip Curl version is a full-fledged camper, as evidenced by the fact that the kitchenette has a gas stove, a sink and practical cabinets . Right next to the sofa, there is a sliding, foldable table . Interestingly, the kitchen module can be removed and placed outside the vehicle if necessary. You can also access the shower from the outside.

The cabin finish harmonizes with the car's style. The seats are covered in khaki leather and decorated with ribbed stitching. Larger equipment can easily fit in the trunk, and passengers also have many closed storage compartments near the seats, in the bedroom and luggage areas.

Winter tour around Europe

Unfortunately, this vehicle will not be available for sale for now. It was prepared for two purposes. First of all, it was supposed to be an attraction at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt , where it was exhibited as a concept car.

Secondly, the main goal is a marketing campaign in which from October 2017 to January 2018 (i.e. in the winter season!) the car will visit the most beautiful surfing spots and ski areas in Germany, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Austria. Professional surfers will travel by car, and in each of the places they visit, it will be possible to test Rip Curl equipment .


Even though Citroën has no chance of entering production in this version, the appearance of this type of concept vehicles shows that "something is up." More and more manufacturers notice the magic of campers and want to show that they may soon have something interesting to offer in this field as well.

Let's hope that in the case of Citroën, the winter campaign will not be the last word on this topic, but rather that it will lead to further, perhaps large-scale, ideas on how to satisfy demanding and active customers.

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