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A new player has appeared on the Polish caravanning market. Ilusion Caravaning is a Spanish brand that combines quality and affordable price. Do brands such as Roller Team or Caravans International have anything to fear?

The Spaniards decided to create motorhomes that in terms of price would be at a level similar to that of Italian popular class competitors, but in terms of quality, they would be a class higher.

The customers of Camper Planet from Bielsko-Biała will soon be able to find out if this trick was successful, because it became the distributor of Ilusion Caravaning in Poland. We, on the other hand, have collected the most important information about the vehicles of this brand.

Light and with a long warranty

If you are fed up with the ubiquitous Fiat Ducato, the Spaniards will offer you a small but still variety. Ilusion Caravaning motorhomes are based on the Citroën Jumper . The floor plate will therefore be the same as in the Ducato, but the engines (with a capacity of 2.0) and equipment (including manual air conditioning and ESP) will come from Citroën's "stable".

Ilusion Caravaning

The campsite is made of durable polyester for the roof (33 mm) and wall cladding (32 mm). The floor is also protected with a strong material to prevent damage from salt, stone chipping or water (the total thickness of the floor is 70 mm). The entrance step and the rear wheel arches of the vehicle have been designed and made of thick polyester so as to suppress the vehicle body as much as possible. The rear part of the body (bumper and moldings) consists of several elements, so in the event of damage, repair should be cheaper.

Details have been taken into account, such as a gentle curve running through the roof line, which ensures efficient drainage of rainwater and increases the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Thanks to the lightweight construction, the load capacity of the vehicles exceeds 700 kg (depending on the model), and the possibility of towing a trailer up to 2000 kg.

It may be nice that the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the tightness of the building.

Currently, the manufacturer offers three series of vehicles: "Z", "XMK" and "IRIUS". At first glance, they are similar to each other, but in practice Irius was intended for more affluent clients than the budget "Z".

In the " Z " series we have a choice of 7 models ranging in length from 5.99 m to 7.30 m. The basic version of the most compact Z 590 vehicle starts at EUR 38,680 net and ends at EUR 44,100 net for the 6-seater Z 760 model.

" XMK" version offers the widest range of models because there are 11 of them. The shortest model XMK 590 with a length of 5.99 m starts from 41,750 Euro net.

In the " IRIUS" series we have a choice of 5 models ranging in length from 6.66 m (height 2.75 m, width - 2.35 m) to 7.3 m . Here the prices start from 45,100 Euro net for the smallest model with a 130 HP engine.

IRIUS 740 - the top model

During the World Travel Show in Nadarzyn, Camper Planet showed one of the longest and best-equipped Ilusion Caravans vehicles - the Irius 740 model .

Thanks to its large size, the car is able to provide passengers with large spaciousness. What distinguishes this vehicle is, for example, the sliding door that can be used to separate the sleeping and bathroom areas from the living area . Importantly, the shower cubicle was separated from the toilet and washbasin on the opposite side.

Also noteworthy is the L-shaped kitchen with a three-burner cooker from the Italian company CAN and soft-closing drawers and cabinets. On the opposite side there is a Dometic refrigerator with a considerable capacity - 150 l .

In the back there are two single beds that can be joined together by placing an additional mattress between them. Then the total dimensions of the bed will be 2 mx 2.30 m. The bed is equipped with a frame and high-strength foam mattresses . The second bed for two people is electrically lowered and is located in the front of the vehicle (above the table).

Ilusion Caravaning

External access to the glove compartment is provided from both sides of the vehicle. Even a scooter can fit in the garage!

With attention to practical details

What you may like is the LED interior lighting of the vehicle. The lights can also be found in the floor, in the steps at the entrance door and in the shower. According to the manufacturer, colored lighting placed in the ceiling of the shower enclosure creates a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, large mirrors give the effect of enlarging the space and enhance the impression of brightness in the interior. The access of natural light will be provided, among others, by a window at the stern of the cabin and in the roof of the motorhome.

Ilusion Caravaning

There are also practical details, such as adjustable reading lamps, USB sockets , or window curtains made of high-quality material (first class of fire resistance). The upholstery is said to be stain resistant and easy to clean.

At the fair, the Irius 740 model, in a version approved for 5 people, was offered for PLN 269 thousand. PLN gross . We are talking about a model with a 160 HP 2.0 HDI engine. Such sum is certainly not a small amount, but let's take into account that it is the highest and best equipped model in the entire portfolio of the brand.

On the German market, the prices of Ilusion Caravaning motorhomes are in the range from 40 to 49 thousand. euro - of course in versions with basic equipment.

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