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Clever Vans is a German company that offers nine camper-van models. In each case, the customer can choose whether he wants a body based on a Fiat Ducato or a Citroen Jumper.

Fiat Ducato and Citroen Jumper are twin models that leave the same factory in Italy. So it may seem that choosing between these two cars does not make much sense. And yet! The differences are and apply primarily to engines - both Fiat and Citroen use their own power units.

The result of this is, among others higher torque and lower fuel consumption in the Ducato . In addition, you can order more optional extras for Fiat, including the Comfort-Matic automatic transmission . The jumper, however, costs less and is equipped with a maintenance-free timing chain . That's why Clever gives you a choice.

Flexible approach to sleeping

The latest model in the collection of this manufacturer is Flex 636 . The name includes the length of the body - it is the longest of Clever motorhomes. Another distinguishing feature of this vehicle is its very high roof . The car is available in five variants, and in each of them the bathroom and the kitchen area look identical and are located in the same way.

Entering the vehicle, on the left side you will find a stove, a sink and a 140-liter fridge , and opposite the kitchen counter there is a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink. In front of the door there is a couch which is the second row of seats behind the driver's seat. There was a table between the two rows.

The beds are placed at the rear of the car. There are single, double and bunk beds to choose from. The Flex 636 can sleep up to four people. The prices of this model in Germany start from approx. 38 thousand. euro.

Opportunities for two

With the Flex model, the offer ends, but it does not begin! The starting point is the City 500 (a puzzle for the careful: what is its length?). This motorhome is available with a double bed placed across the cabin. Despite its small size, there is room for both a modest kitchen countertop and a cramped toilet with a washbasin and a shower. Fun fact: you can still fit a lot of luggage under the high bed, including a bicycle (standing)!

Tour 540 - The most noticeable difference from the City 500 is the position of the table. In the City 500, the sofas at the back surround a table that is covered with a bed at night. In the larger model, we have a fixed bed , and the table has moved between the driver's seat and the second row of seats (not available in City). The bathroom and kitchen are slightly larger in the Tour 540.

For II - as the name suggests, a motorhome for two. The bathroom definitely favors intimacy (we have no idea why the manufacturer calls the 97x70 cm room "super big"), but about half of the cabin there are two sofas with an elongated table between them. This part can be transformed into a bed measuring 196 x 184 cm .

600 cm - the most popular length

For more versatile options, check out the Drive 600, Drive 600 Vanto, Drive 600 Kids and Drive 600 Kids Maxi . The latter has two double beds arranged in a bunk layout, as well as a 145-liter refrigerator. In each of the Drive models, the bathroom also deserves attention - really large for the capabilities of the van.

Among the models with a length of 600 cm, Roomer 600 is also available, which, unlike the Drive, is equipped with two separate single beds .

Interestingly, these beds can be fully folded by lifting the folding frames upwards so that they adhere to the side walls of the motorhomes. This clever solution allows for a very large amount of space inside. So, transporting a surfboard, bicycle, or even a motorcycle will not be a problem, as long as we give up… sleep instead.

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