Colim - a hybrid motorhome

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Designing concept vehicles can seem like an unnecessary waste of time. But it is bold visions that pave the way for the future. So who knows, whether in a dozen or so years, a camping car will look like a Colim - a child of the imagination of a German designer.

There is one basic problem with motorhomes. They are large, so it is difficult to drive them into, for example, narrow and winding streets of tourist cities. If you travel by such a car, you will very often have to leave the car in the parking lot in front of your destination, and start your sightseeing using public transport, taxis, or by taking a long walk. But even if you want to spend your vacation car at a campground, sometimes you will have to go to the city, for example for food or cleaning products.

The situation with caravans is so much simpler that you can leave the caravan at the campsite, and go sightseeing by car alone. However, with frequent changes of the parking place, constant unfastening and attaching the trailer can be tedious.

Smart with a detachable trailer

Is there any compromise? What if you imagine a small, agile Smart, which is easy to get anywhere (well, at least where the roads are of good quality) combined with a large camping area? Of course, it would not be a trailer connected to the car with a traditional drawbar - the living area would simply slide out in a few or a dozen seconds so that the Smart could leave without it. And later, the two vehicles could just as easily merge into one.

This is exactly the concept developed by the German designer Christian Susana. He named his concept vehicle Colim, an acronym for Color of Life in Motion.

According to the designer, the smooth, aerodynamic shapes may appeal to women in particular. Both the car, which in size seems to be a bit larger than the Smart, and the large trailer attached to it, attract attention with a large number of glass surfaces. Thanks to this, the whole thing looks futuristic, and there is certainly a lot of sunlight falling into the interior of such a vehicle.

Hybrid with modules

By design, the car is to be a hybrid vehicle, which would allow you to combine good performance with economy and ecology. The designer assumes that the vehicle could accelerate to about 160 km / h.

The Colim looks ultra-modern not only outside, but also inside. The entire furniture gives the impression of integrated modules. There are tables, armchairs and even a sleeping floor. A cooker (probably induction) attracts attention with a large display indicating the temperature of the burners. The door to the camping part is located at the rear of the vehicle, although it seems to be mounted at a rather dangerous angle ...

Well - the project may still need to be refined. However, it certainly shows an interesting vision of what motorhomes can look like in the future. However, serial production of Colin is not expected yet, but perhaps manufacturers of camping cars will be inspired by this vehicle.

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