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The largest, most exclusive, best equipped in the entire Dethleffs model range. It is a caravan whose name says a lot about the manufacturer's aspirations: Exclusiv.

So far, the highest model in the Dethleffs brand hierarchy was the Bedouin VIP . Today Bedouin is still on offer, but the VIP variety has given way to the Exclusiv trailer. Does an exclusive caravan by name really offer luxuries?

Positive from the threshold

From the outside, the Exclusiv does not differ from other models. We will get to know him, among others after trapezoidal windows and aluminum accessories, such as handles or slats. A trained eye may also notice a wide, 70 cm entrance .

However, it is worth stopping for a moment after opening the door. The sill with the wiper is below the floor level, thanks to which we have a chance not to bring dirt from the shoes into the interior of the vehicle. To make it easier to keep clean, on the left side of the entrance, the manufacturer has installed a semicircular shoe cabinet with a sliding door.

When we take a step inside, our attention may be drawn to a PVC floor , imitating wood, as well as LED lighting . Both the entrance itself and the drawers or hanging cabinets are illuminated. The ceiling is lit with many single bulbs, and for an additional fee, additional lighting can also be found in the roof window. The light can be dimmed with a remote control (extra charge).

Head in the tunnel

Does the interior look exclusive? Here, opinions can be divided. Neither the interior design nor the quality of the materials used can be criticized too much. Leather seats with headrests are especially attractive. In addition, however, not much will surprise us in the design of this model. It is clean, tidy, aesthetically pleasing, but also without glamor.

So maybe Dethleffs preferred to take care of the practical values? Up to a point, yes. The showpiece of the top model are beds with 7-zone EVOPoreHRC foam mattresses - and this is the highest shelf on the mattress market. In the caravan, you will also find many wardrobes, cabinets - which in some variants enclose a double bed on each side (on the sides and from the top), which gives the impression of sleeping with your head in the tunnel.


The exclusivity of this caravan can also be recognized by its four burners and a fold-out kitchen top . In larger models, the bathroom with toilet and shower is the central area of the caravan, separated by a door from both the bedroom and the seating area. Everything seems to be fine, but the devil is in the details. A 22-liter waste water tank and a 38-liter water tank are definitely not enough in a high-end trailer.

However, refrigerators are roomy. In the shorter versions of the caravan you will find a 142-liter device with a 15-liter freezer, and in the longer ones - a 175-liter refrigerator with a 31-liter freezer . The number of 230V sockets can also be praised - depending on the model, there are from 7 to 10 of them!

Safe and practical

As for technical matters, it is worth paying attention to the self-adjusting brakes with a traction control system , making the Exclusiv one of the trailers that provide the highest level of active safety. Both GFK plastics and a novelty - LFI material were used in the construction of the trailer. Trailer corners exposed to damage are made of it. If they are damaged (e.g. when parking), they can be easily replaced.

In total, customers can choose from 11 variants of the Exclusiv trailer with lengths from 788 cm to 942 cm . There are 4 sleeping places in each of them. The permissible total weight ranges from 1,800 to 2,200 kg (optionally up to 2,800 kg). The price range is (in Germany) from EUR 31,599 to EUR 36,799 .

To sum up - Exclusiv is certainly an interesting proposition that will meet the expectations of many customers. However, one can argue that the name of this trailer was not given a bit exaggerated. After all, the word "exclusive" makes us start to have very high expectations - in this case perhaps too high. In this respect, the name Bedouin VIP was safer for the manufacturer.

You can see the Dethleffs trailer offer at the CarGO Camping Center! from Poznan.

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