Caravanning Salon 2016 - how did the exhibitors surprise them?

Caravanning Salon 2016 - how did the exhibitors surprise them? – main image

This year's Motor Show in Poznań was once again accompanied by the Caravanning Salon. For the first time, however, as many as three halls have been designated for campers, caravans and tourist accessories! How did the exhibitors surprise the visitors?

As is usually the case, it is impossible to describe all the vehicles presented by individual companies. So we can only hope that both the exhibitors and the visitors will forgive us for the brevity of our report.


CarGO Camping Center! It was not the first time that it surprised visitors with a very large stand, thus emphasizing the key position it wants to occupy on the Polish market. Uniformly dressed hostesses, who were on duty at individual Pilote and Bavaria motorhomes, did not allow you to pass by the offer presented on the area of 600 m2. Large motorhomes such as the Pilote G740 and Bavaria I740 and the Dethleffs Camper 560 FMK caravan attracted particular attention. It was at the company's stand that a competition was held in which you could win a motorhome for a week.

The stand spread on both sides of the hall was also set up by Elcamp , which showed the full range of its camper-vans known under the Globe-Traveler brand. The Voyager XS motorhome of this Polish company was awarded by Piotr Kozłowski, the publisher of, in this year's Motor Show Awards.


Ebac is also a Polish manufacturer of camping bodies. This year, the company showed in Poznań, among others tourist containers mounted on a pickup truck. Interestingly, the container can be quickly mounted and dismantled, leaving the housing, for example, at the campsite, to explore the area without a "house on the back". Of course, you can live inside, even when the temperature outside reaches -35 or +50 degrees Celsius.


The Rambler , an expedition vehicle with a body based on a Mitsubishi Fuso 4x4 truck, aroused a lot of interest. This car can even be used for trips in extreme conditions. In a cozy and modern interior, decorated like an elegant living room, attention is drawn to - a little disturbing this "home" impression - a control panel that looks like the console of a spacecraft in a science-fiction movie. The vehicle even has amenities such as smartphone control of certain functions (eg chassis lighting) and… a bulletproof toilet where you can take refuge in the event of an attack. Recently, British buildings can be ordered in Poland.


Balcamp cars are of a completely different nature. This Polish company building motorhomes based on Mercedes once again showed that it knows how to create the impression of luxury. Leather, quilted upholstery, furniture in the colors of exotic varnished wood, LED interior lighting - these are the characteristics of the vehicles shown by the company in Poznań.

It was also interesting at the CamelCamp stand, where, among others, Fully integrated motorhomes Roller Team Pegaso (used, but with excellent equipment) and McLouis Ness. Both vehicles could be bought with a discount of PLN 6,000. zloty.


The popular Knaus, Dethleffs and Weinsberg motorhomes were shown by the Wadowscy company. You could see, among others Knaus Van I 600 MG and Dethleffs Globebus models.

Anyone looking for luxury could not miss the Dandis stand opening the second hall. It was there that you entered the fully integrated Carthargo Chic C-Line, distinguished by the Maserati grille. Even more luxury can be found in the Chic E-Line I 51QB model priced at 479 thousand. PLN (it was a promotional price). In this car we will find, among others silver finish on board clocks, wood-like and silver inserts in the dashboard, leather upholstery, "yacht" kitchen fronts, underfloor heating, large fridge, gas toaster, TV and a large shower nozzle mounted in the bathroom ceiling. The Dandis company also deserves praise for the arrangement of the vehicles. Bags and bicycles appeared in the luggage compartments, which helped guests to better assess the loading space, and elegant tableware was placed on the tables in the motorhomes.


The Smolicz company presented a wide selection of motorhomes and caravans of the Hobby brand, appreciated in Poland. Among the exhibits on display was also the Landhaus model - a trailer, which, due to its angular shape and the roof protruding beyond the outline of the body, may bring to mind Dutch-style houses. Certainly, many visitors also liked the spacious caravan with a bunk bed for children.

S-Camp surprised visitors by displaying an integrated vehicle of the little-known in Poland brand Elnagh. The Magnum model is equipped with a 2-liter 150 HP engine and an automatic gearbox. Its unusual white and brown finish could also be surprising. The motorhome was available with a discount of 10,000. zloty. (it cost PLN 356 thousand).


At the Polish Caravanning stand, it was possible to get into an unusual motorhome built on the basis of an old Mercedes - a huge bunk with an open roof. From the terrace of this vehicle, you could admire almost the entire market hall.

As announced, Caravans Mika presented the long-awaited models from the Burstner Ixeo series. You could also try on, among others for the Brevio model.


Camp & Trailer celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Adria brand by showing caravans and motorhomes in the anniversary edition - including a model from the limited Adora Silver Collection series with a silver finish.


The third hall was opened by a huge exhibition prepared by 2N Everpol . The red carpet led visitors down an alley where Dethleffs and Hobby caravans and a Weinsberg motorhome were set up. And at the entrance to each of the caravans, there is a place for flower pots, which are a substitute for a home garden.


At the stand, you could see the new Opel Vivaro in a camping arrangement. It turns out that even in such a van you can find four places to sleep and a place for water installation. The touristic version of Renault Traffic was also shown.


Benimar , Dometic and All Camp also had their stands. We wrote here about what could be seen at the joint stand of, Mini-Caravans and 360fly .

The designation of three halls for caravanning proves how much interest in active tourism is developing in our country. You can even risk a statement that the Caravanning Salon is more and more separated from the Motor Show, which we can notice even when looking at the map of the fair. Campers and trailers not only occupied a record-breaking area, but were placed in a zone slightly away from the halls with cars and motorbikes.

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