Don't forget the vestibule

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The vestibule is not a mandatory element of a caravan or motorhome. However, it is worth having it. Why? The main reason is that you can protect yourself from the sun.

On hot days, we will protect the motorhome from heating up, and at the same time we will separate a space that will allow us to rest in the shade. If for this it will be the so-called A "full" vestibule, which in addition to the side walls also allows you to cover the entrance to the caravan, we will create something like a veranda that will enlarge our private territory.

Types of vestibules

Thanks to such a vestibule, you can completely separate yourself from the surroundings, and above all from unfavorable weather conditions - sun, wind and rain. And finally - like mosquito nets in doors - vestibules can protect to some extent against insect invasion.

It is worth noting, however, that there are very different types of vestibules available on the market. There are, for example, vestibules that can actually be called tents because they have all four walls. However, this is a rarity today.

The most common are vestibules with three walls and a roof, while the part with entrance doors and windows (these options are available in more expensive versions) can most often be detached or rolled up and attached to the roof. We can also meet with "solar" atria, which are devoid of the front wall.

And finally - instead of the vestibule, you can opt for the awning itself, i.e. the roof mounted in the front profile of the caravan, sometimes with a retractable additional cover, which, after pulling it out of the awning and stretching it almost to the ground, can partially replace the vestibule wall.

However, it cannot be denied that even the most perfect awnings will not provide such shade and cover as full vestibules. The advantage of awnings is that, unlike vestibules, they can be folded out in the blink of an eye.

Although the vestibules are often sold year-round, most of them are not suitable for use in winter - at least not in the Polish sense of the word "winter". Instead, they should withstand colder periods in warmer countries such as Spain or Italy.

Which one to choose?

Choosing the right vestibule may not be easy due to the different dimensions of caravans and motorhomes. The vestibule must be adjusted to the length of the trailer profile. Therefore, before buying, it is worth consulting with the seller and informing him about the specific model of the trailer we have. In the case of rarer models, the trailer will have to be measured - but it is still worth consulting with the seller to do it correctly.

The design of the vestibule is, of course, a matter of taste. However, it is worth paying attention to the frames and connections. Aluminum frames are recommended - they are both light and durable. But the joints between them are better if they are metal. Plastic, although lighter in weight, may be less durable.

The price of the vestibule will depend on the manufacturer, the materials from which it is made and its size. This means that the larger the motorhome we have, the higher the price. Generally (although there may be exceptions) awnings will be cheaper than full vestibules. The sun protection roof itself can cost about PLN 400, while the vestibule costs between PLN 2-4 thousand. zloty. However, you can also easily find offers for over 8,000. zloty.

There are also vestibules and canopies prepared for vans (not necessarily large motorhomes), as well as small vestibules, attached only to part of the vehicle (mainly covering the entrance).

There are many possibilities, and the choice - as is often the case - is limited primarily by the size of the wallet.


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