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Dreamer D51

In 2023, the Dreamer brand introduces several changes to the collection of popular tin plates. The range remains substantial - the FUN series will include 4 proposals, while the SELECT series consists of 8 models.
The problem with the availability of Fiat Ducato base cars has affected many manufacturers, and the Rapido group is no exception. Thus, vehicles built on the basis of Peugeot Boxer will compete for the favor of fans of larger cars in the coming season. Fiat Ducato remains an option for automatic transmission fans (except for the CAMPER FIVE model). Cap Coast and Cap Land babies are still Transit Custom with a lifting roof. There is also a hot novelty based on the Ford Transit, but more on that in a moment.

As part of the equipment changes, the SELECT range is introducing AGM batteries as standard and lithium batteries as an option. Wiring to photovoltaic panels and a TV mount have become standard in most models. The new optional panoramic roof (SKYVIEW) also looks interesting.

Dreamer Select D51 - a new player with a rich interior

The D51 model is the hottest novelty prepared by the brand. The base car looks promising - 170 horsepower and an automatic gearbox in the package guarantee comfortable travel. And all this with an engine capacity of less than 2 liters, and thus with a lower excise tax than the Fiat / Peugeot-based designs.

The vehicle is equipped with a 190x140 cm transverse bed at the rear. It is possible to put an additional bed for a third person in the living room (174 x 92 cm). Despite its small dimensions (the vehicle measures only 598 cm and 206 cm wide by 283 cm high), there is room for a sink, a 2-burner stove and a 140-liter fridge.

The cleverly designed bathroom cubicle with a rotating wall is well known to fans of the Rapido group of vehicles. After folding it, we get a full-size shower cubicle. We take 100 liters of clean water on board (20 liters for transport) and 60 liters of gray water. The Truma Combi Diesel stove with the CP Plus control panel (4 kW) is responsible for heating here, so in practice we only take the gas supply needed to power the stove - a 2.75 l cylinder.

Next to the rear bed you will find a wardrobe, and under the bed a quite large trunk, 77x77x150 cm. The optional front sunroof gives the interior plenty of light.

From the indispensable additions, it is worth considering the Comfort + package, which includes a lot of multimedia functions (including a media station, a camera and a remote control of the radio from the living room), a mosquito net, electric side door closing, air conditioning in the cab and other practical accessories. The weight of the vehicle in running order is 3090 kg - for a pair it will be a solution that allows to fit in a GVM of 3.5 tons. The car can pull a light trailer up to 750 kg.

Dreamer Select D51 - the right decision

Whichever plate from the Dreamer collection catches your eye, you will not regret it. Perfect insulation (including window frames), extensive equipment and excellent quality of workmanship (which is guaranteed by the Rapido group) are sufficient reasons to become interested in the Dreamer collection.

The authorized dealers of the brand are CamelCamp from Poznań and m-Camp from Dzierżoniów.

Dreamer D51
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Dreamer D51
Dreamer D51
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