Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons

Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – main image

The Eura Mobil brand in Poland is gaining more and more popularity and has been present at most trade fairs for several years. We have had the opportunity to see the excellent quality of the bodywork based on Fiat Ducato many times. This time, the manufacturer showed two versions of semi-integrated motorhomes based on the Mercedes Sprinter.

Profila T-676 EB and 696 EB - new half-integrateds on the MB Sprinter

The Profila series is one of the brand's bestsellers, and each new version is very popular among customers. It was only a matter of time before Mercedes was accepted as a drive head, and the results of this decision are two motorhome offers in the segment with a GVM up to 3.5 tons. Considering the equipment and dimensions of the vehicle, it is a bold step. Of course, the vehicle structure based on the ALKO frame gives the technical possibility to increase the gross vehicle weight rating up to 4500 kg and we can make such a choice on the list of options. According to the manufacturer's catalog declaration, the unladen weight in running order is 2,995 kg.

PT 676 EB chip

Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 1

PT 696 EB system

Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 2Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 3

At first glance, both models show many similarities. The length of 712 cm, the width of 232 cm and the height of 292 cm are the basic dimensions of both vehicles. The vehicles are slightly taller than their Fiat Ducato-based counterparts, but in the middle, from the floor to the ceiling, we have a similar distance, less than two meters. The manufacturer focused on two popular systems connecting separate beds at the back, an integrated sanitary module with a shower equipped with a hinged bulkhead wall with a washbasin, a toilet and a front L-shaped sofa. The layout of the kitchen and the dimensions of the beds are different, but more on that in a moment.

In the 676 model, the length of the beds is 2 meters, further towards the front we have a kitchen, bathroom and living room opposite each other. In 696, however, we find 190 cm and 185 cm beds. Thanks to the space obtained in this way, we gain a functional, large kitchen with a worktop and a large refrigerator. Interestingly, both motorhomes are designed for 4 people, but there is no raised bed in the front part of the vehicle. Additional sleeping space with dimensions of 115x200 cm is obtained in the living room by "changing" the couch.

The interior impresses with a bright interior. Integrated into the body, the T-shaped front "cap" (this is where the name of the series comes from) has gained a huge panoramic window (part of the Mondial package) that can now be opened. The colors of the veneer (light wood) with modern upholstery and aluminum reinforcing profiles should meet the tastes of the vast majority of customers. Atmospheric lighting (LED backlight and 3 light points) is an element that contributes to the attractiveness of the interior.

Like the Fiat models, the double floor and the storage compartments integrated with it are 19.5 cm high, which not only gives us better insulation, but also additional luggage space. The capacities of cabinets and lockers are identical. The wardrobes at the base of the beds at the back can be accessed without any problems without removing the sheets, and the garage capacity is as much as 2,700 liters. We can easily fit our two-wheelers in them. The left-hand garage door on the 676 is slightly smaller, as is the gas storage compartment revision opening.

Premium heating and insulation

Eura Mobil motorhomes, as befits this class of vehicles, are characterized by excellent insulation and factory insulated tanks. The thickness of the walls and the roof is 30 mm, and the floors are 38 mm. The insulator is of course the XPS foam. The bodywork is glued to the Alko frame, which ensures rigidity and resistance to deformation. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on the quality of the construction.

And now something that we did not expect in the class of vehicles up to 3.5 tons ... The ALDE system is responsible for the heating, which makes vehicles suitable for winter escapades. Optionally, it is even possible to order an ALDE heated floor in the cab.

Interestingly, the drain valves are located on the driver's side, and the gray water drain is even equipped with an electrically operated valve at the push of a button. The large diameters of the pipes facilitate and accelerate the emptying of the tanks. We can take up to 140 liters of clean water on board, and the gray water tank can hold 100 liters.

Equipment and additional packages

Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 4
With the launch of the new MB Sprinter, a new quality appeared on the motorhome market. In terms of handling quality, assistance systems and passive safety as well as dynamics, Mercedes has set the bar high. Of course, following the example of competitors, also Eura Mobil makes customers pay extra for functional additions. Several items from the list of optional equipment seem indispensable, such as the lane assistant, rain sensor or LED lights. Part of the equipment described in the text, in turn, is an integral part of the Mondial package. From the experience at the very beginning, we also recommend ordering a 170 HP engine instead of the factory less than 150 HP.

The authorized representative and service partner of the Eura Mobil brand is the ACK company from Kędzierzyn Koźle - .
The list of currently available vehicles can be found at

In addition to the extensive offer of motorhomes, ACK also offers a professional service of motorhomes of various brands as well as the largest showroom and shop with caravanning accessories in Poland.

Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 1
Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 2
Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 3
Eura Mobil - new products in the category up to 3.5 tons – image 4
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