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What would be considered a luxury in Europe is classified as middle class in the United States. Example? For example the caravan Fox Mountain 325 RKS connected most often to powerful pickups, such as the Ford F-350.

Northwood's Fox Mountain is a semi- trailer , so it can be attached to a pickup truck just like a truck trailer. In Europe such a variety of caravans is practically absent, but in the United States, Canada or Australia it is relatively popular.

What we can expect from this caravan is luxurious equipment, two axles, all-terrain chassis and sliding side walls . Fox Mountain is no different. The structure reinforced with carbon fiber, large alloy wheels wearing Michelin tires and a characteristic bow forming an alcove above the load part of the pickup are also the hallmarks of this model.

American dream

Inside, we can find everything that is a sign of luxury for Americans, and which is very different from the design appreciated today in Europe. The interior is dominated by dark shades of wood, leather and stone , only slightly brightened with the silver of the sink or microwave oven. The dominant style can be considered colonial only with a slight exaggeration.

But regardless of whether the interior will meet our tastes, we will definitely appreciate the space. The caravan measures approx. 10 meters, and the interior itself is 2.5 meters high . The permissible total weight of the trailer is nearly 6 tons.


Speaking of sizes, it is worth noting that the fresh water tank can hold as much as 200 liters , and the gray water and sewage tanks have a total capacity of 283 liters. The 227 liter refrigerator is also spectacular. The boiler is also a tiny thing - it can hold 23 liters of water.

Kitchen revolution

Although Fox Mountain is available in several interior layouts, we were most interested in the option with a large living room combined with a kitchen . It resembles the layout of an apartment with an open kitchen. This is an interesting solution and rarely used in caravans or motorhomes.

The originality comes from the fact that the kitchen worktop is U-shaped and there is so much space around it that there is no problem for two people to cook together. Another interesting feature is a large, two-chamber sink located in the outer wing of the worktop , so close to the axis of the trailer. The sink is equipped with a convenient tap with a pull-out spout.

The base of the letter U forms the border separating the kitchen from the living room with a large sofa. An interesting fact is the armchair on wheels, which can be attached to the sofa with one move , so that it forms the shape of the letter L.

No matter where we are in the kitchen and living area, we will have convenient access to a 39-inch TV . If for someone one receiver is not enough, for an additional fee, he can also order a second, 26-inch, which will be installed in the bedroom.


The bedroom is at the opposite end of the trailer. There is a bathroom with a shower between the living room and the bedroom, and the shower tray is quite deep . As a result, it can also be used as a bathtub for small children.

I mentioned the retractable walls - in Fox Mountain it is very important because there is a lot to extend. In the largest movable wall there is one of the three kitchen worktops and a sofa . On the opposite side, although at a shorter length, there is a section with a table, two benches for four people and two armchairs. The third and smallest sliding element is the wardrobe in the bedroom.

The trailer has a suggested retail price of $ 52,575 . Is that a lot? Probably a lot, but in Europe we could count on such a vehicle at a similar price? I have serious doubts about that.

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