Grande Puccini - apartment on wheels

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If we look at this trailer from the side, we will not be surprised. The black alloy wheels and aerodynamic edges of the Grande Puccini may appeal, but the look is in keeping with the canon of today's high-end caravans.

The surprise will appear only when we look at the rear of this vehicle. The triple oblique lights on the sides of the trailer do not resemble any other known model. An additional impression is made by the large logo-coat of arms of the Tabbert brand placed in the center and, as if the coat of arms alone was not enough, a large inscription with the company's name.

Apartment in bauhaus style

The producer himself writes about Grande Puccini as an apartment on wheels. The associations with the apartment are supposed to evoke not only a distinguished external appearance, but above all the selection of high-class materials and attention to detail. The interior is decorated in a Bauhaus style, which in short means a combination of elegance and utility. Aesthetics, although important, has been subordinated to functionality.

Furniture combining the colors of mahogany wood with white laminate and chrome handles are to provide high-class design. The kitchen accessories are made of stainless steel, and the kitchen countertop is an imitation of dark marble. The kitchen cabinets are of course equipped with a soft closing system.

The fact that we are in a high-class trailer is also evidenced by the equipment. The standard includes, among others 22-inch flat-screen TV and an audio system that includes speakers connected to a CD / MP3 player.

Up to three times Grande Puccini

Grande Puccini is available in three lengths. The number in the 590 TD model name indicates the inside length. The entire length of the trailer without the drawbar is 728 cm, and with the drawbar - 866 cm. The trailer weighs 2030 kg and its permissible total weight is 2300 kg.

In this model, we find four beds (two beds). In addition, the trailer has as many as 7 230 V sockets, a Dometic refrigerator with a capacity of 100 liters and heating Truma S 5004. In the shortest version, unfortunately, you have to deal with the inconvenience of a toilet located behind the shower tray. This problem does not occur with the longer models.

The Grande Puccini 655 DF weighs (including equipment) 2,150 kg, and the permissible total weight of this model is 2,500 kg. The equipment of the trailer is the same as in the shorter version, but the interior of the vehicle is more spacious.

In this respect, the greatest luxury is provided by the 750 HTD model, which boasts a relatively large bathroom and a kitchen in a convenient L-shaped layout. Despite its increased length, the permissible total weight of this vehicle is also 2,500 kg. The loaded trailer weighs 2250 kg.

In addition to the above-described elements, the standard of each of Tabbert's flagship caravans includes, among others, an external compartment for two gas cylinders and a spare wheel (but there is much more space in it), high-class PVC flooring, electric water heater, 45-liter fresh water tank and installation for connecting an external water source.

For an additional fee, you can even increase the level of luxury - for example by opting for leather upholstery.

Grande Puccini prices start from approx. 37 thousand. euro.

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